RIAA may target radio broadcasters & listeners next

I just posted the article RIAA may target radio broadcasters & listeners next.

Following the RIAA’s success in a jury civil trial that resulted in Jammie Thomas being fined $222,000 in damages, this DailyTech article takes a look at what the RIAA may sue next, with the Radio…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/13782-RIAA-may-target-radio-broadcasters--listeners-next.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/13782-RIAA-may-target-radio-broadcasters--listeners-next.html)

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This is madness. :frowning: What’s next, baning all ringtones on mobile phones because is copywrited material, and the naughty phone will ring in public places ? :+ ©® Bekali :B

This is going to far! Next they’re going to be suing kids on buses because of playing (crap) music on the bus! RIAA need to get a life, they’re a pathetic organisation!

Being total dicks is their life.

Well, everyone needs to burn all the music, and quit listing to the shit, then they wont be getting a dime. :r

what ambulance chasers…(sigh)

They truly are SCUM!!!

Desperate greedy people and organizations do desperate greedy things. Examine everything you do which results in money being sent to organizations who are members of or support the RIAA - and stop those activities. The more this goes on - the less money i spend on recorded music. :X

Just a tweak on an old idea. In the U.S., it’s the publishers who call up businesses and ask to be put on hold. If you’re playing the radio through your music on hold, you will get a bill for $500 to buy an entertainment “license.” I can see how the RIAA would like to clip off a piece of that!

Its the RIAA that is killing music, and they don’t even realize it!

“What’s next, baning all ringtones…” Nah. You’ll just be billed 50c each time your phone rings.

They’ll be charging people for singing in the toilet next. I say FARK the RIAA.

And the rich just keep gettin’ richer. To the rich, there is no such thing as enough and all us little peons will always be victims of their schemes to make more. They use to get their money screwing the artists, but they make too much now and have fought back, so now they decided to pick on the little guy . . . . us. What’s next? Sue us for whistling while we work loud enough for the person next to us to hear us? Or whistling without first paying for the royalties? I think I’m just about done buying CDs and music videos to support those @–holes.

for fock sake!!! nobody hum neither!"!! :stuck_out_tongue:

If they kill radio their influence on society will be greatly diminished (MTV rarely plays music anymore). This will accelerate their demise. A FEW people will go to satellite radio, the majority will run to P2P programs. Kids will find other things to do and when they get older they won’t be as excited about music because they didn’t have it when they were kids. It’ll be like reading books. Let’s hope they do.

This is a good thing, as radio stations will basically dump any music from record labels that take part in this. That’s great! Turn the crap, play more independent musicians.

Look at this http://neowin.net/news/main/07/10/17/riaa-finds-new-unlikely-target-usenetcom RIAA is crazy lol.

Look at this http://neowin.net/news/main/07/10/17/riaa-finds-new-unlikely-target-usenetcom RIAA is crazy lol.