RIAA makes nearly $100 Million by suing P2P Users



I just posted the article RIAA makes nearly $100 Million by suing P2P Users.

 RTV71 used our news submit to tell us that the RIAA has  pocketed around $100 million dollars via lawsuits against P2P file sharers. As  we know most lawsuits are settled out of court to avoid...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11699-RIAA-makes-nearly-100-Million-by-suing-P2P-Users.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11699-RIAA-makes-nearly-100-Million-by-suing-P2P-Users.html)

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What do I think? I think all 18,337 that gave them a dime are stupid. Make them earn the $$$$. 18,337 When in doubt cave:r


& lawyer takes 37%…what a great country us is :wink:


How much of that went to the artists? None I’d say.


yeah how much went to the artists and how do they calculate what goes to the artists. Also in Australia I just heard on the radio in most clubs or places that play music they normally pay $3000 a year for that royalty now its over $100000 what a f’ing joke :r


Since these civil actions are not CD sales you can bet your arse that the artists and writers get absolutely nothing in this campaign to protect artists *roars.


They have to get their money somehow, since the music they’ve been producing in the last few years has been sh!te not everyone wants to buy.


coughbullshitcough As stated, given the fines they extort, they’d have to have won or settled several tens of thousands of individual cases to actually achieve the figures they claim. Do the math. They Lie. Hardly surprising, considering they;re the new Father Of Lies.


Oh for fudrucking sakes… this is mere horse shite! The RIAA people should all be shot and hung in the streets… how obvious can any institute be at being corrupt? When will anyone do anything about this… :frowning:


As I have always argued expose these individuals. Let the public shame them, don’t allow them to be faceless, hiding behind an organisation. Give me their email, home address I’ll happily let them know how I feel to their faces.


dont worry folks… there is a special place in hell for those greedy RIAA fucks:d


18 THOUSAND PPL!!! like!! c’mon!!! that’s a BIG number of Arse-Wholes!!! and the more to come… America… you’ve been officially F***ED UP… R.I.P.