RIAA is suing allofmp3.com for 1.65 Trillion

I just posted the article RIAA is suing allofmp3.com for 1.65 Trillion.

Well it looks like the media cartels are at it again. This time trying to enforce their copyright laws on yet another foreign power. The RIAA is suing allofmp3.com for $150 000 for each…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/12799-RIAA-is-suing-allofmp3_com-for-1_65-Trillion.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/12799-RIAA-is-suing-allofmp3_com-for-1_65-Trillion.html)

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Everyone loves the RIAA.

Are they smoking crack or is it Dr. Evil behind all of this?

Maybe next time they’ll add the “sharks with frickin’ laser beams” to the lawsuit. :B

They’ll be wanting a list of their customers next. Customers of allofmp3 will be sued for downloading songs at prices they should have known were too good to be true! Also new legislation introduced in the US will require anyone humming a tune to pay royalties. Whistling will also be illegal and unauthorized so-called “shower singers” will be included in the latest “War on Terror” legislation designed to curb the threat extremists pose to the Musical Industrial Complex.

I would much rather RIAA sue illegal companies like this than have the RIAA sue people for downloading a couple songs for personal use.

Jim Killer: What allofmp3.com was doing was perfectly legal as per Russian law. They paid the royalties to ROMS, a Russian Copyright Collective, and the RIAA never wanted to acknowledge that they owned the copyrights to the songs to collect the payments. Because of this “non payment” this is why they are going after allofmp3.com. As well, because Russia wants to be in the WTO the RIAA is using this scam to block them from entering until they comply, hence why all Visa and Mastercard transactions were turned off from allofmp3.com. What the RIAA is doing does constitute as racketeering and they should be brought down.

poeple dont have 150’000$ to pay, thats a farce!

A profitable company is dictating the rules of a countrys dealings with another country. Pretty much the height of corruption if you ask me!

Just wait until one of the RIAA bigwigs reads the comments of this new article at CDFReaks.com. EVERYTHING WILL BE TEH CHANGED!

I bet you the scumbags over at the RIAA are laughing their asses with this lawsuit!.. I billion katrillion megazillion dollars! LOL

1.65 tri from June to October 2006 - there you get a good business model, even if it just returns “pocket money” it is more than some countries GDP… And all that as compensation for compressed files downloads!!!

fuck the RIAA!