RIAA Head: Napster Is Done

I just posted the article RIAA Head: Napster Is Done.

The big migration has begun!

Users slowly leave the file-trading service because of the drop in songs available on the network. Meanwhile, the company continues to fight for its life in…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1723-RIAA-Head-Napster-Is-Done.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1723-RIAA-Head-Napster-Is-Done.html)

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Hey, if you read the CNN article it sounds like Napster is becoming a bit corporate…

Fuck Napster !!! Get LimeWire 1.3 (www.limewire.com) … It’s much bigger than Napster ever was and it has all kinds of filetypes, not only mp3! Greetingzzzz :slight_smile:

who cares about napster… it sucked anyway just let them die and get us another file sharing program :slight_smile:

napster was merely a protype - don’t mock it. now we have the real thing! :d

I find Napster was great. It was so easy to download just a song you like so much but wouldn’t spend your money on (Those singles are WAY too expensive). Combined with a lot of search results and the fact that it isn’t or doesn’t need spyware is a plus. I now use it in combination with Napigator, because I was always logging onto a really bad server and the most songs were blocked. That’s solved now. Also, why do there always have to be so MANY copycats who think they can make a better program ? There are many fields which need improvement, but every program has its pros & cons. If you would take option to share with friends only from Aimster, the better search capacity(or whatever) from BearShare, and so on. And then combine it ro make somthing decent. Just as an example, BTW. Only problem is, this is utopia.

I for one know I always diss napster but what we have to remember is that they are actually due a lot of credit. They started the idea up and they are the ones who initiated the whole trend for the likes of Limewire etc. You can diss them all you want but at the end of the day they started the craze that there now is and they fought hard for a battle that most of you are too chicken shit to do anything other than just whine about about: the fact the music industry is trying to bend you all over and shaft you. Fine they’re now turning corporate but which one of you wouldn’t if you had the whole force of the music industry trying to sue you. Half the crackers and site OP’s out there drop it all the second they get one letter from some companies lawyer. Don’t diss them when they turn around or drop out, just remember what they did do and thank them for the good times. They dont have huge never ending pockets full of cash and cant afford to pay huge flashy lawyers to defend them. The world has become corrupt and money pretty much always talks. Be thankful for the few people who try and stand up to the system!!

I find Napster WAS great :d

hi! My first file sharing program was Napster and Napster is good, but like many poeople says: People goes find better sharing progs. When Napster loses customers then more more people starts use different progs. Like Winmx You can search any kinda files. Morpheus (musiccity own) is good too you can find ISO,MP3… any files that is in the world and you can resume download, Morpheus only problem is that it is same like Kazaa but different name… I hope that Napster can continue in the future but I think there is no possibilities… Napster was first file shering prog and give much more ideas to programmers and now we have good list sharing programs and without any filtters (yet) That was what I think! :4

DIE NAPSTER DIE, i am so glad napster is dead, Now i can sell my pre releases again. Now i cant have a stupid kid tell me “i can get that off napster” woohoo time to bring in the money