RIAA gets its hands on Grokster users

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The RIAA (The Recording Industry Authorities) are now using a new tactic to directly combat file sharing on the Grokster/Kazaa…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4195-RIAA-gets-its-hands-on-Grokster-users.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4195-RIAA-gets-its-hands-on-Grokster-users.html)

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If you are like me I change my username every time I log onto the Grokster network… Now what can they do? Ohh and I didnt give them a real email address to get me at… Bahh… Not scared… Keep trading! :d

I do not think they really believe they will control the Net and music sharing but to inhibit the lamen from doing it.

@Hypnosis4U2NV: they don’t need your email address. everyone can see your ip. they just need to start downloading something from you, and then check the connections. some users sharing powerquest files on fasttrack have been contacted by their isps, because powerquest notified them of the violation. so just switch off the sharing, or share only files which nobody cares about. I just download and share files which one cannot get at the shop. they cannot threaten me: if I could buy the music or some other things I download at the shop, I would do it, but they are not available, so it’s not my fault. like some songs by Cardigans. you simply cannot get them here, I had to download.

$hit stains at AT&t broadband shut me down cause the RIAA found a Korn song I was sharing, they must have got my IP address from the dirt bags at KaZaa and went to AT&T and they put the smack down on me. Cut me off for a week. Till I got back. Everyone please support Morpheus 2.0 when it comes out its supposed to be fully encrypted. No bastrd spyware.

So what. If they shut Grokster down we will move to another network. :slight_smile: It’s a tug of war between the RIAA and the filesharers, and i kinda love it. Makes life interesting. :4 But we will win in the end! Biaaaaatch! Hehe. :7

Has anyone downloaded music binaries from a newsgroup? A simple chore…4

File sharers will win in the long run. I wish the file sharers the best of luck and I do have good faith in them. Keep trying RIAA shut down one file sharing network and another one will just come right up and they will have a whole new issue to deal with so ha ha ha!!! File sharing will be shoved right up the RIAA’s ass!!!

What’s the difference between sharing and sharing? People have been recording each other’s music since cassettes. RIAA is spinning it’s wheels in the mud. When they close one road another opens & I’m following it. Eat your heart out cry babies!