RIAA forms a new attack

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In a year end news report, the RIAA has taken the unusual step of arguing that music transferred to a personal computer is illegal, even though the copies came from legally purchased CDs. The…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/13992-RIAA-forms-a-new-attack_.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/13992-RIAA-forms-a-new-attack_.html)

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How did the RIAA find out about the CDs he copied onto his PC, if he didn’t make any of them available for sharing? Did he write a letter to them saying, “I’ve got 2,000 CDs on my computer! Thhhppppt!”? Did the RIAA use super-secret spy software to search thousands of hard drives for CDw that were copied? Did somebody else rat him out to the RIAA? Maybe he is tryingto provoke a prosecution to challenge the law on this? This seems unlikely. Why start with 2,000 CDs? Whey not one or two? I still can’t figure out how the RIAA found out about this.

I read about this already. Turns out the tunes were NOT ripped from CD’s but downloaded, and illegally I might add. Don’t believe all that you read in the Washington Post - they got the facts completely wrong in order to sensationalize the story! Needless to say, the guy was subsequently charged.

Interesting lawsuit…as an American,I can only say…if I buy it its mine and Ill dang well do with it as I please…if I profit from its use is another matter. I fully understand the argument about sharing,here I must admit I lean towards the industry but only to the point that their product is spreading without compensation. If we are going to be fair that issue must be resolved. You cant infringe on someone's patent so is not basically this the same thing.The mere factor of being able to share so easily seems the problem,heck after paying for MS new toy called Zune,they even have the ability to share content wirelessly ....now I ask you who is at fault here..me and Joe blow sharing what Bill gave us the ability to do or me actually doing doing it..excuse me but no where do I remember it warned of the possible criminality of sharing the content of one player to another.. .hey Bill youre next my friend if I go you are going with me…
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Thanks to file sharing of LOSSY music I have been exposed to music I would have never purchased on my own. Thanks to everyone and remember… … an IP address is not a person. P.S. - Not only is the digital music industry still way overpriced but they are selling LOSSY audio files. Like a cheese sandwich without the cheese; it sucks.

“P.S. - Not only is the digital music industry still way overpriced but they are selling LOSSY audio files. Like a cheese sandwich without the cheese; it sucks.” And I would like to add if anyone has a decent ear for music, is that the industry sells, even on CDs, compressed music. It might be a commercial bought CD but the music sounds compressed. Some of the CDs I have heard sound worse than some good quality mp3s. It is really pathetic that they sell this crap to the public. I guess they figure most people are tone death. And, they complain about how much it takes to make a record: advertising, production, and ect. Got a question? How come movies, which cost vastly more to make and such, cost less than freaking audio CDs? CDs have been out for nearly 2 decades now and they still are high!!! Give me a freaking break already. And lastly, how about selling some decent crap recording industry. Not everyone listens to rap and American Idol wannabe trash. Don’t get me wrong on rap. I use to listen to it before it got out of hand. Now it is just trash. If you crap in your hand, you can call it what you want; but the fact remains the same, it is still crap.