RIAA forces popular cover site to take down its audio section

I just posted the article RIAA forces popular cover site to take down its audio section.

Many people will know the cover site CDCovers.CC. The site has been running for three years now and they’ve specialized in providing visitors with downloads of quality audio, VCD, DVD, CD-I and…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4962-RIAA-forces-popular-cover-site-to-take-down-its-audio-section.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4962-RIAA-forces-popular-cover-site-to-take-down-its-audio-section.html)

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First the Audio and then whats next, will not take long before they will have to take down other sections, I am sure. Not a good sign at all.

Under US Law companies actually have the legal obligation to protect their copyrights or they become useless. (Which is why you see big companies often launch seemingly frivolous litigation.)

After some time all this sites have to move to Chinese providers or an other country were the US companies can’t hassle you :c

Boo booo all I seem to read is about the RIAA telling people what to do and threatening civil liberties, CD covers are not MP3 People what’s next no pics on the web at all :frowning: :r

P.S I thought America was the lad of the free, looks like your loosing that freedom people Instead of god BLESS AMERICA it will be GOD HELP AMERICA :d

looks like the book Brave new World is coming true, we have freedom but so many laws prevent us from actually having freedom

Im from Puerto Rico and thats why many of us dont want US involved with us, they think that thay can take away civil right for nothing… I will be very happy if every state declared his liberty!!!lol :slight_smile: sorry for the political aspect but is for you to realize !

I wonder how soon the number of covers in alt.binaires.cd.covers will shoot up.

You do realize that its the US that provided you with the freedom to say that and that if every state declarde their independence that you would no longer enjoy the protection needed to keep that right. Just a little re-education. :wink:

Who wants to establish the IRC group… :):4

Yeah, they shouldnt’ve deleted all the covers, just relocated them to a load of fserve bots on irc :slight_smile: Whatever happens, irc, usenet, and ftp sites will never be shutdown, as they are unashamedly illegal, and don’t try and be legit like p2p nets

Hey cubeman you ignorant prick…!!! I don’t normally engage in political banter with posters but you really need a frigging history lesson. a/ USA didn’t enter WW1 until the allies came on bended knees begging and many smaller allied countries are still in war debt b/ USA didn’t enter WW2 until enticed to do so by the bombing of pearl harbour. Korea was for political and material gain Vietnam…many antiwar activists will tell you the usa govt knew it was unwinnable and used it as a means of reducing unemployment (not my view but a popular one) Gulf war…as for korea. Lets not forget nicaragua and all the other hotspots where both sides are funded covertly by the usa… Many good people of all creeds, colour and race lose their lives in wars that they don’t fully understand apart from the fact that they will give their life for their country…don’t you get up on your soapbox and tell me how america has fought for the rights of all the free people in the world as if they sat on their arses and let america do it all. The trouble is educators in america should start teaching global history and geography then ingorant pricks like you would realise that the USA isn’t the only country on the globe…fuckwit!!..:7

There are of course other sites where one can download album covers, one in particular that although not quite as good as CDCovers.cc has nonetheless, an impressive collection. No addresses mentioned, no point in giving the RIAA shit heads free ammo! P.S. Perhaps I might suggest that we all support the site by never buying another Audio CD again until that is the current situation changes…?

It’s a real shame, but I suppose it was due to happen. Even though I doubt this will have any effect on cd copying (how many people will buy a cd instead of copying it, just because they can’t download the cover anymore?), I never expected that the exchange of cd artwork would be allowed to continue. I actually wonder whether it was money the RIAA wanted. Probably they just wanted to show the world how very powerful they are! :r

Ok, America is a great country. However, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need improvement. No matter how great the country is, we should never stop trying to make it better. But this battle between pirates and the RIAA and MPAA and tech companies is starting to make the country a very screwed up place. Now we known criminals will always be criminals. If we could stop criminals by passing laws, well we wouldn’t have criminals. But the only people that follow the laws are the innocent people. What’s the point of passing a law since the criminal isn’t going to care anyway. They’re a criminal. Your not gonna stop pirates now. You’re never gonna stop pirates ever. Many states have the death penalty. But murders still happen. So something else has to change.

That is the problem with the usa it protects big business and not the consumer. People should take there covers to P2P sites. Also breaking away would be great where each state have its own law would be great Im all for that. But went to war in the 1800s over that. btw The South will rise again and run this country right.

Sherrif…You are a leftist nutcase. Period. This is not a place for you to ramble on about your leftist views… Korea as “material gain”? Have you seen Korea? There isn’t much here for the USA to gain, idiot. It is called a policy to stop the spread of communism. You are stupid. While you can continue your leftist thoughts, the reality is far different than you think just as much as the right views about “freedom for all”. Leftists are ignorant idiots as much as right-wing, you fool.

Whatever next? the RIAA making it illegal to whistle a popular tune because it “infringies copyright?” People will just distribute covers via P2P networks as .TIF or .JPEG files? I look forward to see the next generation of CD inlays/covers that are “scanner proof”, but then again pirates will duplicate covers even if it means buying a set of Crayolas and copying the covers themselves :4

BrutalMoloch…!!!..er you have the phsycological advantage…but I digress A democratic korea (thats KOREA) not north and south, would have been a HUGE foothold in asia… Leftist!! ?? I take umbrage (er you know what that means don’t you) no…not leftist…I’m one of the silly bastards who signed up , went away , got shot at, so you would be free to say the things you said…no don’t thank me, we like to believe it’s what we were there for, have a good one…:7