RIAA files 405 new lawsuits against students in 18 colleges

I just posted the article RIAA files 405 new lawsuits against students in 18 colleges.

The RIAA has done it again! They have dealt out another set of lawsuits, most of them at US students. What scares me is how much they are asking for - $ 750 per violation. So in theory,…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10142-RIAA-files-405-new-lawsuits-against-students-in-18-colleges.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10142-RIAA-files-405-new-lawsuits-against-students-in-18-colleges.html)

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I know a lot of people are wondering how the RIAA gained access to a private network such as i2. Some people on Slashdot are saying that the RIAA bought their way in while others say they have an insider. I’m a student at Penn State that experienced the whole Napster ordeal. While people were contiunally bitching that tuition money would fund Napster, a light was shed on numerous conflicts of interest. 1. Graham Spanier (PSU President) works on the Committee on Higher Education and the Entertainment Industry with RIAA President Cary Sherman. 2. One of the Penn State Board of Trustee members is an RIAA lawyer. I know for a fact that a ton of people at PSU use i2Hub. However, none of our students were listed in the lawsuits. I originally assumed that the Napster deal granted the University immunity from the RIAA. The more I think about it, I am wondering if PSU could have done the RIAA’s dirty work on this one? Article on the conflict of interests with Napster: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2003/11/11/penn_state_trustee_and_riaa/

Q what’s the difference between a lawyer and a catfish?? A One is a bottom feeding, scum sucking shit eater, the other is a fish…:X

I wonder how much the artists have seen from all this cash the RIAA have reaped in?

The downfall of the American Empire continues right before our very eyes! Eating itself raw from within. Lawyers… Passhhh! A necessary evil of organized society. Too bad they’re also a barometer revealing the cause of its ultimate demise. The MPAA/RIAA are such prehistoric has-beens its just beyond tragic now. Beyond laughable. Let the “Age of Sue” continue until we disenfranchise the entire planet. Frick’n money-centric panty-wastes! :r :frowning: :wink:

It is all a scare tactic, and some poor fools gotta take the fall. The MPAA sued 6 on my campus, including a couple in the dorms right around me. The majority of students who used i2hub are staying away from it now. Obviously not everyone but all the MPAA had to do was sue 6 and scare hundreds more away.

This is not the first time. The RIAA filed suit against USC 5 years ago while I was a freshman and ‘won’ university support for monitoring and banning Napster. Meanwhile, the IT guys with a wink and a nod towards us students left the ed2k ports wide open:) The ‘Man’ will always be one step behind when the general public doesn’t give a rat’s @ss about enforcement.

This is Great news, watch em burn!!

as usual they just have an IP address as there evidence. That evidence wouldnt last very long in court haha :d