RIAA file-sharing lawsuits top 10,000 people sued

I just posted the article RIAA file-sharing lawsuits top 10,000 people sued.

As of Friday April 29th,the RIAA has sued over
10,000 people for file sharing(copy infringement).Since September 2003,the RIAA
has been keeping busy at their legal tact by suing…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10234-RIAA-file-sharing-lawsuits-top-10000-people-sued.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10234-RIAA-file-sharing-lawsuits-top-10000-people-sued.html)

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$30 million eh? Well thats nearly half of Robbie Williams last contract paid for.

Keep it up RIAA! When the number of people sued reaches a certain point, where everyone knows someone that has been sued, ( come to think of it if you believe in six degrees of separation we have already reached that point, maybe some people are to frightened of the 'Jackboots" ( AKA, R.I.A.A ) to admit it to their friends) the power of the people will raise up and take these 'Two Bit Lawyers" (who can’t get any real work because they know nothing but how to be thugs ) by the throat and toss them back to the dark ages (pre WWW or pre-electronic ) where they and the R.I.A.A belong!

only bad things will come of these law suits.

10,000 people aqual about 0.1% of all P2P users. So if they sue 0.1% of P2P users within 1.5 years, how many years will it take to sue, let’s say, 5% of them? See ya in 2080, RIAA :d


warforpeace: your lawsuit is in the post who said your at the bottom of the list ROFLMAO!!!

Ah, tinku returns to offer more words of “wisdom” in the “war on piracy”. I bet warforpeace is trembling in his boots.

I wonder if tinku’s daddy knows that his preteen kid is using the box when he’s not around? Time to change the password, daddy…

LOL mickrick :B
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