RIAA fights to keep wholesale pricing secret



I just posted the article RIAA fights to keep wholesale pricing secret.

Due to the current RIAA blanket offensive against all they feel are pirates, little has seemed to slow the organization down…until Lindor. Now, the RIAA seems to be feeling the heat–and in…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/12844-RIAA-fights-to-keep-wholesale-pricing-secret.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/12844-RIAA-fights-to-keep-wholesale-pricing-secret.html)

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“The RIAA regards the wholesale price per songâ??widely believed to be about 70¢ per trackâ??as a trade secret.” Trade secret my… They just don’t want everyone to know how much they are gouging their customers with the pathetic music they put out these days. "In this and other cases, the labels are seeking statutory damages of $750 per song shared. Lindor argues that the actual damages suffered by the RIAA are in line with the wholesale price per song, and if that is indeed the case, damages should be capped accordinglyâ??between $2.80 and $7.00 per songâ??if infringement is proven. " I always thought the $750 per song was a load of crap to begin with. It would be better to buy the … cd than to pay what these … want.


Shaolin, no one denies that the RIAA is ‘spinning’ this, i.e., exaggerating somewhere along the line (as it has proven in other arenas such as court cases). No doubt the RIAA’s dealings create a lot of “hot topic” issues. However, cursing is prohibited, and I will have to edit your post for cursing. Please remember this, as I have seen you do have the ability to get your point across without profanity. :wink:


Oops sorry, it won’t happen again.


No problem, shaolin007. I’m fair, and I know it’s sometimes hard to not ‘react’ when something (RIAA spin and obfuscation) is this egregious. I recognize there might be the occasional ‘off-topic’ commentary by a poster (or the even rarer case where it continues off-topic for several posts), but you stayed on topic during your entire post, so I commend you in that aspect. :B