RIAA et al. says CD ripping, backups not fair use

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  wildaho used our news submit to tell us about an article he spotted over at Ars  Technica, detailing the triennial  review of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act or DMCA by the content ...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11505-RIAA-et-al_-says-CD-ripping-backups-not-fair-use.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11505-RIAA-et-al_-says-CD-ripping-backups-not-fair-use.html)

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Nothing should suprise anyone. Let us just enjoy what we have and work together on the workarounds because its all we are gonna have.

As long as these corporations are making your laws, we as a people will never have rights that infringe on their ability to make money. All they care about is raping the consumer for has much as possible, and raping the artists who create the majority of the crap music and movies that are out today. If things were actually worth buying, I know I would purchase them. But thanks to my satelite, I just wait till things are shown on there and watch or listen to them then. Next thing you know the MPAA and RIAA will get together with the department of homeland security in the US and try to figure out a way to track every cd and dvd that you purchase so they can find the real “terrorists”. You and me, the people know our rights and use our rights to the fullest extent. Next time you bring that movie you bought or rented to a friends house, you might just go to jail! Cause your firend does not have the right to view that movie or cd that you purchased or rented because he/she was not part of the original terms of agreement at the time of the transaction.

What Judge in their right mind would convict someone for circumventing DRM to backup an asset they have legally purchased?? This type of Draconian shit just won’t and shouldn’t fly.

Even if CDs do become damaged, replacements are readily available at affordable prices
anyone got the RIAA’s phone number so we can see how much they want for a replacement of a audio cd that is OUT OF PRINT !?

we all have the answer but cant or wont act upon i, it is very simple just keep your money in your pocket its that simple

These are the same Ass Holes who sold the world on the concept that CDs had a shelf life of near 100 years. Perhaps a class action would force them to back up their big mouths!!!

After reading some of the points and the comments to the points, it seems like we need to get organized and with lawyers. I read the makers of CSS’s response to all of the arguments that they picked and apparently they were mostly shot down at previous triennial reviews and all CSS’s company had to do was point that out and I am sure they will get shot down again. EFF is a start, but we need to create a few more organizations to fight for our fair use rights, too, in order to make the movement look as big to regulators as it really is. EFF can’t do it alone or at least they can’t appear to be the only group interested in this fight. Even if, working with EFF, we create paper organiztions that provide comments from different points of view while EFF provides all the underlying support and guidance, it may just work. In short WE HAVE TO OUTNUMBER AND OUTSPEND THE BASTARDS and also we need to have the groups focus on certain points. One comment that was made was that the Copyright office will pretty much ignore any comments that refer to “all media” because they cannot abrogate the law in a blanket “all media” case. So, if you have five organizations working on audio media, ten working on auido/visual media (i.e. DVD’s), etc. Then we might be able to get at least some victories. My thoughts are that even if the entire country wrote comments asking for the fair use restrictions to be lifted on “all media” that the Copyright Office would not/could not listen to us, that we would have to get Congress to change the law. That’s another angle where multiple organizations will work, too. Especially if we can get enough financial support to payoff the right Congressmen with more than the RIAA and MPAA can. LETS DO THIS, TOGETHER WE CAN TAKE BACK AMERICA! :B (sound of crickets, like in an old Bugs Bunny cartoon) :+
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Doctor: “Sorry Mr. RIAA, your appendix has ruptured. We can’t operate. You have to buy a new body.”

:g Nice guys : damage discs=substitute at affordable price Uyo buy a copy – you want a backup buy another one backup it is not fair use Rule one: If you want to backup a disc you own, you bought it If you don’t buy it, you don’t need to back it up!!! So, easy and fair solution for everybody: You don’t buy the products from people that impose these rules on you you will not risk to become a pirate you save money and…probably…the only loss for you is that you don’t have thr privilege to own some “crap” that needs so badly to be protected from the people that buy them, while the real pirates press the stuff by the thousands and sell it sometimes through normal (or almost) channels: saving payment to artist and taxes.

RIAA can Go Pluck it’s self. Once I have paid $26 AU. I do with it what I wish. IF RIAA want to play that game, I will just D-Load like every body else. :frowning:

I don’t see a point of crying and bitching here about another one of RIAA’s stunts. Who cares, we all do our own thing anyway.

Regardless… Even if CDs do become damaged, replacements are readily available on your favorite p2p network. Eat me RIAA

I guess if someone steals your cd, which has happened to me a lot, you are just SOL. I guess I won’t be buying any music for awhile. Besides, the music out there now just absolutely sucks. Most of the songs are along the lines of “oooo, ooohhhh, oooo, oooh! Alright, yea, uhhh, huhhh” with a artificial beat box. I mean what kind of frag’n genius writes that bilge? Maybe, I’m in the wrong business! :r

Why does everybody get so worked up? It’s not like they can do anything about it

Idiots. I’m happy to go back to buying vinyl and making high-quality tape (or CD) backups, if that’s where they want to push it. What will be their excuse then? Or maybe I’ll just get together with several friends and buy one copy between us, and have listening parties where we all listen to the music at once. Is that illegal? Maybe I’ll just go pick up two used copies of everything I want to listen to, and get backups that way. Idiots. Apparently, if it’s digital it’s magically more harmful if people make backups than if it’s an analog source. If they want to learn the hard way, I suppose we can let them.

HMMMMMmm WHO IS THE GOVERNMENT? the RIAA OR THE ACTUAL GOVERNMENT i wonder IF I CAN PLACE A LAW and make it law??? what the heck is going on … I LOVE IT HOW corporations are just making laws left right and centre WHO THE %$#@$# DO WE VOTE FOR? I NEVER voted for the RIAA to run the country what the heck. ANYWAY it’s crap we keep talking and saying this and saying that. but it’s not like anyone of us are doing anything we just sit back and take it

As if anyone actually gives a **** what they think. I’ll continue to rip my collection for use in my car, my portable players and whatever else I see fit without a second thought to those greedy myopic mental midgets.

Roj sez: “I’ll continue to rip my collection for use in my car, my portable players and whatever else I see fit without a second thought to those greedy myopic mental midgets.” You are an evil influence! :+

Well, they are certainly entitled to their opinions. I’m sure they also think that we should pay for each listen. However, we need a voice in the legislative process to make sure that the content cartel and businesses don’t write the legislation. Let’s hope the lobbying reform is more than just lip service. Under the filthy Republicans and Tom Delay, businesses can essentially buy legislation.