RIAA efforts may be pushing students to underground sharing

I just posted the article RIAA efforts may be pushing students to underground sharing.

 Despite all the effort the RIAA put into trying to  educate students about piracy, the usual surge in P2P usage came in September  with an average of 6.8m users online according to Big...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/9399-RIAA-efforts-may-be-pushing-students-to-underground-sharing.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/9399-RIAA-efforts-may-be-pushing-students-to-underground-sharing.html)

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All I can say is “DUH” :g RIAA are so stupid.

isn’t that a real good business? you keep sueing ppl and get money outta them, but rest of ppl wouldn’t stop doing what they’ve been doing. so you get to sue more ppl which would bring you more and more money. maybe i should start business based on this idea

The more that you drive (activity) underground, the better off you are overall," he told Billboard…??? Well hell yes sherm…it did the trick for drugs didn’t it… (the mans a waste of space. IQ of a ditch and the personality of a dial tone)… :X

CD sales are down because of radio stations. The RIAA will never increase CD purchases. Announce the artist and song title, or try the unemployment line. :B

Radio stations here in Ireland are bad for that. I use to try and figure out songs by searching for lyrics I hear in the song, however it is getting harder to even find lyrics online due to legal issues.

Is it very hard to understand for the RIAA that file sharing is UNSTOPABLE?