RIAA dumps evidence gathering firm MediaSentry

I just posted the article RIAA dumps evidence gathering firm MediaSentry.

For many years, the RIAA has been using the company MediaSentry (now SafeNet) to find people illegally sharing music. To date, MediaSentry has helped the largest music labels file lawsuits…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/15372-RIAA-dumps-evidence-gathering-firm-MediaSentry.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/15372-RIAA-dumps-evidence-gathering-firm-MediaSentry.html)

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Good to hear their massive suing campaign has finally ended. Let’s hope the ISP’s don’t infringe on the privacy of their customers with these new “agreements” with the RIAA.

Agreed. On and off through out the years, I’ve been reading up on what the RIAA was up to…now I’m wondering if the ISP’s limiting bandwidth is legal?? Guess we’ll all find out.


If a hash fails to match, they would attempt to download the song and use Audible Magic to examine the sound waves of the song to identify whether it matches the title.


Well if they downloaded music to see if it was downloadable, they are also guilty!


I think it falls under false advertising. If they advertise unlimited plans at a certain bandwidth, then I should get that amount of bandwidth for whenever and whatever I want and for however long I want. They are already throttling p2p whether you are downloading illegal content or not. Most clients have encryption to get past this though.

On another note, I pay for a usenet account. It has SSL 256bit encryption so your ISP doesn’t know what you are downloading just that you are using their bandwidth. Also, the account doesnt log what you post so no one knows anything about you in that regard. If you shop around, you can get a cheap Usenet server account with SSL to boot. I got one for $13/month unlimited downloads or uploads.Why take chances with torrents or put up with the poor speeds?

@ sholin007

I understand your point about the torrents/P2P, but that’s not really what I was referring to. Until they came along, the music industry was overcharging customers for years and then had the audacity to complain when they started losing money. A good example of this was the Metallica/Napster charade from back in the day. I understand and agree that musicians deserve their due, but I also feel that fans shouldn’t have been charged as much to listen to music or watch movies they enjoy. I’m not saying it’s right to use torrents/P2P, but I understand why.

Had it not been for torrents/P2P, the “pay for download” sites (like Usenet) would not be available today. Now, music and movies are available at a much better price and the the industries are still making their money. This, I can agree with.

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