RIAA confiscates 100 computers of US navy - pirated music

I just posted the article RIAA confiscates 100 computers of US navy - pirated music.

LouCipher,spacegrass and Mgz used our newssubmit to tell us about a pretty funny story on TheRegister. As we all know the army of the United States is pretty advanced and also makes use of…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4936-RIAA--confiscates-100-computers-of-US-navy---pirated-music.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4936-RIAA--confiscates-100-computers-of-US-navy---pirated-music.html)

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Note to author: The United Nations legally speaking is technically not U.S. soil. Diplomats from various countries have immunity from prosection. They can’t even get so much as a parking ticket.

Hahahhaha, President Bush is going to be pissed about this. :4 RIAA is screwing with his play toys.

Yeah, but the americans are quite happy to arrest people worldwide. Russia is not on american soil either but apparently they think their fucked up DMCA applies there!

msissons: The American Gov’t thinks that, not the citizens. We hate it as much as you do and everyone else.

Remember, Fish, U.S. citizens are the government, so we have to vote these people out of office.

this story does not sound good.:r

who is incharge in this country the goverment or the almighty $$$

I cant believe i risked my ass to have my former branch of service roll over to these assholes. I wonder how much 100 computers is going to cost the tax payer, if we pay $35 for an ashtray, how much does it cost for a 100 computers. Also, what other information was on these computers that these people now have unrestricted access. While they were at it, did the riaa bother to see if any of the suspects actually owns any of the music on their computers. What most people dont realize is that military citizens are subject to two sets of rules and laws the constitution and the UCMJ, so i wonder if after there general court martials, and whatever other article violations they may get hit with, if the riaa wants to charge them in civilian court as well…more than likely. Its hard enough to get people in the military in the first place, and now they are just gonna chuck what could amount to an entire fast-attack crew (100+people maybe) socom for life

Trueice, please don’t get mad at me when I say this. You should know this as well as I that there are “regs” on what goverment owned computers can be used for. Obviously, the 10 computers were not used for official business. I disagree completely with the way the RIAA handled that situation. There was definitely a better way, but the people who are involved should not be in the military if they can’t follow the rules and regulations. I’ve seen worse things on government computers; but they shouldn’t grabbing MP3s from the internet and store it on government owned computers. They should have been a LOT smarter than that. The cost of a computer is about $1,500 which is the standard price from a company like Gateway or Dell.

Personally, i think that instead of downloading music on the internet, those naval cadets should be doing what they joined the service for … … getting it on with each other.