RIAA comes with new figures; music sales down, piracy up

I just posted the article RIAA comes with new figures; music sales down, piracy up.

According to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) shipments of music CDs dropped 8.9% last year vs. 6.4% in 2001:

Additionally, shipments of all music formats decreased 11.2%…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/5512-RIAA-comes-with-new-figures-music-sales-down-piracy-up.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/5512-RIAA-comes-with-new-figures-music-sales-down-piracy-up.html)

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Sales are down because the material is poor. I pay absolutely no attention to the singles chart because it is full of tat. By the way RIAA, I purchased 5 CDs at the weekend. I download stuff and if I like it, I buy the CD. So where does that leave your link between downloading and falling sales? Twats.

Just by asking around I see that downloading is partially responsable for falling sales of music.

Some people might buy more CD’s as a result of downloading tracks that they like, while others buy less because they can get MP3’s freely. You can argue either way, but I personally think the overall effect to be people buying less music due to MP3’s. Of course, there are other reasons why sales have dropped, like DVD’s and a lack of true artists being promoted.

I’m guessin’ the profits may not be down as much were they to give hillary and all the other overpaid toadies the tijuana brass…:7

Get real … show me an industry that didn’t have a down year compared to previous years. People are worrying about paying their heating bills, 'Yeah Honey, let’s go buy that latest CD tonight … to hell with keeping warm" These people just have jobs to try to keep … if pirating music didn’t exist and if they didn’t make it out to be bigger than it is … they wouldn’t exist.

Reduce the cost of Cd’s and sales will go up. It’s not fricking rocket science. We’re being overcharged for CD’s - plain and simple.

Still trying to justify why they can’t put out a full great album. I’ll be damned if I go out to but a high-priced CD and I’ve only heard one song. Many a times when I was young I was suckered into that and HATED the rest of the album. They let you listen to the CD at the store first but why leave your home if you don’t have to. I’ve downloaded two songs from a tip I got from this site and guess what…I BOUGHT THE ALBUM!!! So much for RIAA and their presumptious Bullshit!!!(…is presumptious a word???..)

In my country, for a regular monthly wage you can buy 5 to 10 CDs. can someone please tell me how the hell should I listen to all the music I like without using the Internet and pirated mp3s? if I could buy 200 CDs every month with my salary then I would have bought 50 and pirated none. But so, I buy maybe none and pirate 50. And, by the way, my first album is to be published in the US. The album will cost $4.99 and I’ll receive $0.00 for every sold copy. That is because I asked them NOT to pay me for my music. It’s free. And so it will remain. My songs are freely available on the Internet, at www.mp3.com and in all filesharing networks.

Does anyone else remember those 48x CD-burners pirates used that the RIAA counded as three or so “normal” burners? They probably count piracy statistics the same way…last year sales were down 3%, this year 4%, so that totales 7% :4

as TeeCee pointed out, there is no mention of the fact that spending is down in all sectors due to a weaker economy. Bas music, ridiculously high prices and less than ideal economy always = less sales. Do the math you RIAA shitheads. :r

if we couldn’t download the mp3 what make you think we would buy because we couldn’t download it. Dollars lost figures are all bogus. RIAA believe what we sell is ours and even if you bought it ist’s still ours.

UK music is shite and nobody wants to buy it.I have a reasonable income and money left for leisure etc. But the music industry can only offer shite products and I don’t buy shit.

i agree with you all but it would make them sound bad if they admitted that it was because of them making sh1t music and overpricing the consumer. so they have to compound it on the one problem that isnt under their control piracy. they seem to have a small understanding of business economics by diverting the blame from their obvious mistakes but a lack of understanding in what constitutes a good quality product.

i hear all the time on the radio that there are so many people these days that must make a choice between heat or food. i just read something that says over the last year people have been buying less coffee at places like 7-11. people are also not buying 12 packs of soda pop like in the past. now, people tend to be buying more singles. i’m sure the delusional riaa would blame decreased expensive coffee sales on piracy too. every time i see an article like this i figure the riaa is just digging it’s grave deeper

boo hoo… less money for millionaires i feel so sorry for them.

Kill the RIAA!! Buy all of your CD’s and DVD’s used. Not one stinking dime will go to the recording industry this way.

I dont buy into any of that crap about “music sales are down becauase of ppl downloading mp3s”. People were buying 1 copy of a cd (split x number of times) and then spinning off multiple copies for everyone. This is also not rocket science here. Hell, I know ppl that used to do that back WAY before mp3s ever existed.

3-4% is reasonable when compare with growing rate of p2p network :smiley: if doesn’t have p2p, the % number sales drop might be @ 2 digits :+

Car Sales are down, also are they going to blame the chop shops for the downfall? :stuck_out_tongue: