RIAA clamps down on CD pirate retailers



I just posted the article RIAA clamps down on CD pirate retailers.

       According to the RIAA, CD piracy costs the music industry $300 million a year. The RIAA is  targeting street bodegas and magazine vendors to start with. These small retailers ...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10306-RIAA-clamps-down-on-CD-pirate-retailers.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10306-RIAA-clamps-down-on-CD-pirate-retailers.html)

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What the RIAA finds particularly concerning is a growing shift in physical CD piracy production. Growing shift? Blimey visit any Sunday market in the UK and there are 1000’s of copied CD’s for sale. Isnt it the same in the states?


I don’t know how it is in New York, from the article alone it seems as we can just go into a bootleg store and buy cd’s. I haven’t seen that in Los Angeles, yet. Granted the city is so far spread that one would need to know exactly where to go to get it, but i’ve been all over downtown and besides bootleg DVD’s can’t find anything else. Originally from Poland, I have similar experiences to the person above me; any given sunday take a walk to the local swapmeet and boom, thousands of cd’s. But have never seen that here in L.A. Anywhere else in the states ???


i too go to my local market and see at least 4 stalls selling pirate cds or dvds. maybe the RIAA dont work at weekends? :slight_smile:


Actually…in L.A. you need to visit your local ghetto. Try the swapmeets in Del Amo…Santa Fe Springs…Venice Beach…etc. Get yourself some 20 inch rims while you’re at it. Try not to get car jacked.


Your right about the sunday markets in the UK, my local one is swarming with them. I think the point the RIAA is trying to get over is that unlike the market stalls with their stock of hundreds of CD’s and DVD’s, these people make the CD / DVD on demand in the shop. I suppose this way it would be harder to charge them for mass piracy and only get them for having pirated stuff on their PC’s. If this is a growing trend in the US then I suppose they will either have to :- 1. Get into undercover investigations or 2. Give the info the the police and them the real people do the job. It might be interesting to see how this develops…


Growing Trend? Where has the RIAA been? I have seen loads of bootlegs and home made CD copies sold at flee markets and small retailers as long as 10 years ago. Is the RIAA trying to manipulate statistics so they can push for some new legislation by saying the problems is worsening or are they really blind as a bat? Damn these boys need to get out of the corporate ivory tower, take a break from their cash raising civil actions and get a clue. This is funier than the concept that the RIAA members give a hoot about the artists they screw over.