RIAA boss' farewell message says industry is 'winning' against piracy

RIAA boss’ farewell message says industry is ‘winning’ against piracy.

[newsimage]http://static.rankone.nl/images_posts/2011/08/B4mnuX.jpg[/newsimage]Mitch Bainwol, Chairman and CEO of the Recording Industry Association of America, is calling it quits after eight years of steering the organization through some tumultuous times. Under Bainwol's watch, file-sharing sites Grokster and LimeWire met their demise even as the music industry was dragged kicking and screaming into the digital age. The outgoing executive offered some choice thoughts about his experiences in a letter addressed to the industry members he leaves behind.

Read the full article here: [http://www.myce.com/news/riaa-boss-farewell-message-says-industry-is-winning-against-piracy-50048/](http://www.myce.com/news/riaa-boss-farewell-message-says-industry-is-winning-against-piracy-50048/)

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Paleontologists are celebrating!
We now know why the dinosaurs went extinct. They were smoking whacky weed and living in delusion.

"we have now totally eliminated piracy of music…we’re no longer releasing any music that anyone wants to listen to.
Just like ubisoft & their DRM riddled games.

He’s kidding himself but then again no-one really likes to admit that he’s spent 8 years of his life being a total failure. :wink:

How has the price of a music CD changed during that same 8 years?

How has the sale of music CD’s faired during that same 8 years?

I wonder just how does a man live for 8 years when he has his head up his butt the whole time.