RIAA bests Usenet in lawsuit

I just posted the article RIAA bests Usenet in lawsuit.

In the latest chapter of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA)'s ongoing legal battle against file sharing, the trade group won a lawsuit against Usenet.com.

"This decision is…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/16130-RIAA-bests-Usenet-in-lawsuit.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/16130-RIAA-bests-Usenet-in-lawsuit.html)

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About time they went after the makers and not the regular users.

Yeah! Let’s get somebody to sue Ford, Chevy, Honda, and all those other “makers” for providing the means for people to drive drunk and speed. If those companies acted responsibly instead of being facilitators to all these criminals, with their fast cars and dangerous trucks and SUVs, then fewer people would die every year. They need to be forced to make products that cannot be misused by the lawbreakers. More of these lawsuits will be a step in the right direction for reigning in these out of control offenders.

And while we’re at it, let’s sue Xerox for making the means to copy books. Those writers are just getting screwed because nobody pays them when they copy the books and other copyrighted materials. It’s just so sad that these…what…what’s that…they already sued Xerox and lost? How can that be? What do you mean Xerox isn’t at fault for someone else’s actions. That’s absurd. Fair use? What the hell are you talking about? Stop changing the subject! It’s clear these criminals are all in bed together and we need to stop it! It’s all the makers fault. We need to get the automakers, and then the gun makers, and the ammo makers, and the beer makers…get your hands off me…get that jacket away from me… let go…hellllp…

If you read the news article at Ars Technica, it goes in further detail about what these guys did at Usenet.com.


From reading it, these guys went above and beyond the call of duty in pointing people right to copyrighted works. They assisted customers through support personnel, opened up seperate newsgroups to store music, and even had instructions on their site on how to download these files. To me, they deserve it. They asked for it so what can you say other than they were total dumbasses. Giganews and other services, THAT don’t regulate usenet data will still be safe from prosecution because they fall under the DMCA’s “safe habor” provision. That is, as long as they don’t pull a stunt like Usenet.com. What a bunch of morons!

yah the article header is misleading. It’s against usenet.net which I don’t think was a very popular usenet provider. They also advertised the pirating which other providers don’t do. I think its a small win, but nothing too big.

Ya know, who gives a rat’s backside. It’s The Machine that makes all of the money anyway. They give the artist a pittance and drop 'em when what they have told the artist to sound like doesn’t sell anymore. ASCAP, EMI, RIAA, etc, are simply pimps. I’m a musician myself and I know that if I want any real money, I have to hook up with a decent promoter and manager who can get me booked in the high-paying venues. Me, I’m skipping the middle man and selling my stuff independently on line.

My question is:

When the RIAA is to the point where they can not sue anymore (because there is no one left to sue), what are they going to do when their revenue keeps depleting?

Since all this hoop-a-la started with the RIAA I’ve branched out to other music than what the big companies offer, and the RIAA has no say over. My eclectic tastes in music allows me to spend hours on Jamendo, and still never make a dent in what they have to offer. Free, with a Commons License? How can you beat it, and be legal to boot. Sorry Moby & Shiney Toy Guns et al, keep your producers happy - I’m looking elsewhere…