RIAA asks to focus more on combating digital music piracy

I just posted the article RIAA asks to focus more on combating digital music piracy.

Newsbytes reports more RIAA news. This week they urged a powerful House panel to focus more intently on combating digital music piracy because they really really believe this is the most serious…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/3654-RIAA-asks-to-focus-more-on-combating-digital-music-piracy.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/3654-RIAA-asks-to-focus-more-on-combating-digital-music-piracy.html)

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Someone should just tell Rosen to STFU already. What a broken record. :frowning:

I think RIAA is focused enough on piracy for everyone. If only neglected and abused children had as much political help as RIAA…

last time I checked there were still murderers, pedophiles, and drug lords still on the streets. Why don’t we go after that problem first?

Quote: “Man don’t they got anything better to do?!?!” hehe, that’s exaltly what they do! :slight_smile:


Why don’t that whining cock whalloping, shirt lifting, dung punching, sanctimonious s.o.bs at riaa just 'fess up and say what they really mean…which is…"we at the riaa and our shareholders are money and power hungry bastards and want it ALL!!! "…now I feel better :4

RIAA boss count your money and shut up. Leave us alone with your crippling copy protections and your stupid boy bands. Look into your mirror and constantly say: I hate human beings.

Boycott the RIAA

Boycotting the RIAA shows them far too much honour. Ignoring them is a much better idea, IMHO!