RIAA appeals Jammie Thomas court ruling



I just posted the article RIAA appeals Jammie Thomas court ruling.

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) is appealing a mistrial court ruling in the Jammie Thomas case, who was forced to pay the RIAA $222,000 over alleged copyright…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/15144-RIAA-appeals-Jammie-Thomas-court-ruling.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/15144-RIAA-appeals-Jammie-Thomas-court-ruling.html)

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I hope she wins, there is really no way to prove anything the RIAA is saying, more people need to take to court. It’ll teach’um a thing or 2. Die Riaa die in the buring firey pits of hell.


@applegodel8 Totally agree with you. The main reason that many people don’t take them to court though, is the costs. It pretty much is easier to pay $3000 to settle out of court with the RIAA, than to pay the legal costs of taking them to court, plus the costs if the consumer loses.

Also, you would think they would make laws that make sense. Over $200k for just 24 songs. I mean, the fine should be like $300. Considering 24 songs is like 2 cds, which is like $20. So $300 would seem a fair price to pay.


I hope the RIAA and the Artist supporting all the sueing die of cancer for their greed. I hate the rich and religious people so much for all their greed and religious hypocrisy screw em, they worship gold in their church’s and they all believe they’re saved by their god just by going to church please lmao.


At a time like this when everyone is lossing their homes these scum have to keep doing this real sad.


Really a fair rate would be double what the normal cost would be, so if the song cost $0.99 then they should charge $1.98 for the fine. Plain and simple tactics like what they charge only hurts the US economy more and actually will make the person want to do it more. If the world doesn’t want you to do it, then people are going to do it. If they want to solve piracy then encourage it. I saw a report on smoking a few years back when they were banning it in a lot of places, and they discovered that smoking increased in usage not the other way around. If government doesn’t want you to do it, then people will do what they don’t want you too. Reverse-psychology really does work well, i use it all the time!

And another way to stop, well really minimize it (You will never stop it) they should start listening to there customers on what they want and give it to them. The consumer is the one who is paying for the items. People will not spend there hard earned money on something they don’t want. If people want hot pink cd’s and this will cause them to buy them, well then making them freaking pink, that is basic business.

You need to find the middle man, you have to find what the majority want and provide that, This has been Apple Computers No. 1 reason why they were not in Microsoft’s place. Apple didn’t want to give people what they wanted, they catered to the lower percentage of people and what they wanted. People complain about the iPod, but if it was so bad then people wouldn’t buy it. And you are not forced to use the ipod to play downloads, there are other venders and I have seen plenty of DRM removal software. People are happy with the ipod so they buy it, if they weren’t then the ipod would not be no one. DVD-Audio would have made it if they got rid of the DRM OR added music files for there portables. I see DVD’s being sold with a digital file for your portables. This is great, and they do have DRM however they have it in multiple file formats that should work on just about everyone’s portable video players. They are catching on to what people want. And if you don’t want the DRM then rip the dvd and convert it yours self like people have been doing. And since they majority of people have iPods the digital video files people will find satisfying since they can play it.

I have a friend who’s roommate wanted high speed internet very badly, and they did NEED it since computers is there job. So they called the cable company almost everyday literally (No Joke!) now they lived in a rural area so getting cable is like telling Bush to be a good boy. Well the cable company got so annoyed with the calls (They had neighbors call too since they wanted the same or at least tv) that they actually installed the lines and the people got cable tv/internet. So you can make a difference if you band together and annoy the pi$$ out of them.

Thanks for reading :kiss:


Anyone else remember those old buildings, run by the government itself, where people could just walk in, read copyrighted books without purchasing them, whenever they want? I remember those bad old days. I always wondered how those poor authors managed to pay the bills when all these people were enjoying their product without paying their publisher royalties each time.


She broke the law, it doesnt matter whether you like the law or not, it’s the law and she should pay for that , the obscene ammount of money being levied for fines is whats unfair, That is the problem, we are the most litigation prone country in the world and our fines are typicaly 10 to 20 times more than any other country, The system is broken and needs help.


She didn’t brake any laws you idiot, it wasn’t illegal 8 years ago now it’s illegal I mean c’mon how people like yourself are so brainwashed and blind. Let me guess your a supporter of DRM? lmao


Where is the original link to the case itself?

If the RIAA has to prove the defendant was involved, GOOD LUCK–as it has yet to prove a person did so except by very questionable and dubitable indirect means.


Exactly my point thank you!.:clap:


I would like to see the real proof the RIAA presents against this alleged file sharer, They will probably get their partners in crime (MediaSentry et al) to manufacture some bullshit empirical evidence to prove their point.


The greed of it all is sickening… $222,000 c’mon for what 24 songs what bullshit this is, a CD cost like $15 - $25, them songs could fill 1 CD. Besides she never stole anything this is all about making BIG money and judges are stupid wasteing tax payer money on cases such as this how really sad Corp. America has become so greedy as well as our own Government selling us out.