RIAA apologizes for sending threatening letter to University

I just posted the article RIAA apologizes for sending threatening letter to University.

 Yesterday the  Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has apologized to Penn State University  for sending an incorrect legal notice of alleged Internet copyright violations.  Our...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/5863-RIAA-apologizes-for-sending-threatening-letter-to-University.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/5863-RIAA-apologizes-for-sending-threatening-letter-to-University.html)

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“temporary employee” read: minimum wage scapegoat!:r

RIAA go home. Taxi for RIAA. Exit stage left. Go and find the on switch for your brain. Get a clue. You just drilled a hole in the side of the ship you are travelling in. Your guns are blazing before they’ve left the holsters. You set a mouse trap then tried to eat the cheese. You walked into the wrong bathroom. You got your parties mixed up. You parked you car in a rainstorm with the top down. Basically, you messed up. Now grow up.

How much more bull*&^% do we take from the wretched RIAA before the government steps in here. This crap is very offensive! If they don’t want people sharing music, don’t release it! Keep the track or album locked up in a safe! Even before the Kazaas and Napsters I still remember borrowing and duping several tapes from a friend. How far will this go??:r:r:r

It all boils down to the fact that copies that were made to semi-permanent media were fine since they couldn’t be distributed in mass and didn’t last forever. I used to keep the original of tape in its case and make copy of it everytime it wore out. Now that digital music can travel the world in seconds and the copies can be made to CD (average life 50 years) the RIAA has to actively combat what they feel is theft. Same crap that happened in '82. It will eventually be defeated and they will adjust to a more marketable product line.

You didn’t include the best bit of the article a bit lower down: By way of additional apology, the RIAA said it will send Peter Usher an Usher CD and T-shirt “in appreciation of his understanding.” Is this some kind of sick joke?

I believe i’d send the CD and shirt back and tell them where to put it!

A childish act of desperate petulance…methinks that “employee” was a fred nerk…the university could strike a blow here by suing for libel Maybe the “employee” will become a whistleblower when he/she gets the tijuana brass…:X
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