RIAA apologises for more mistaken warnings, dozens of letters send

I just posted the article RIAA apologises for more mistaken warnings, dozens of letters send.

Yesterday we reported that the RIAA had apologized for sending
incorrect legal notices of alleged Internet copyright violations to Penn State
University. Today we can read on ZDNet that the…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/5870-RIAA-apologises-for-more-mistaken-warnings-dozens-of-letters-send.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/5870-RIAA-apologises-for-more-mistaken-warnings-dozens-of-letters-send.html)

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I smell something brown and sticky.

…melted chocolate…?

…a stick?
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…a porcupine?

Maybe we can sue them over this :d

A Temp worker? Come on, If this really happened they would have fired this temp worker the first time. There is no temp worker involved in this. This is just a fuck up on the RIAA’s behalf.

Take from local newspaper: RIAA issue injunction against 7 year old boy. The RIAA today issued a court injuction against a 7 year old child who had bought a legal original music CD from a national reputable music store. The RIAA have been quoted as saying “We did not think it right that he name withheld should be able to ‘buy’ a CD from a shop without getting written consent from the Copyright holder, record label, distributors and their mothers first then getting additional permission for him to acutally listen to it”. RIAA are hoping for damages in the region of 23 Billion dollars which would be garnished from the boys allowance. :slight_smile:

If you piss into the wind long enough your bound to get some back… A person may be branded a copywrite pirate by the RIAA with little or no real evidence, then have to defend themselves, but when caught out in this VERY undemocratic process,the RIAA thinks an APOLOGY will suffice…someone needs bitchslappin’ here…:X
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Read “temporary employee” as “paranoid mode” and everything would read as normal. First the mass message, which is basically illegal-then this-what next? Maybe that rumored virus-spreading software? (Also illegal) This is just another example of the RIAA using unlawful methods (scare tactics) to coerce people to stop trading mp3s. The RIAA is using bully tactics and soon enough the government is going to come in and shut either the people or the RIAA up. Let’s make sure it’s the RIAA that gets shut up. Support mp3 trading!

We have a law on the books where a nameless temp can send a fax or email to any corporation and cause a panic. The DMCA just keeps on giving year after year; the people who paid to get that one passed to law must be happy. People the only way to STOP this craziness is to STOP everyone you know from paying for Music and Movies, if they can’t pay for lawyers and members of congress they can’t pass crazy laws like the DMCA. BTW Microsoft has 40 Billion in cash because people keep paying for M$ software. More and more we live in a world we deserve; we worship money and nothing else.

I can see a way we can get back at the RIAA. If enough people put up kazaa servers with dummy files named in a proper manner . This would cause the RIaa to threaten you. Then make it public knowlege there Full of it. Notify your congressmen, Maybe we can get a very badly written law changed, If we at least could get the right to sue back when they falsely accuse I think alot of this BS will stop!!! Remember they dont actuallt check to see if it is infringement or not… I see a way to fight back…