RIAA Anti-Piracy Efforts Lead to 17 Years?



I just posted the article RIAA Anti-Piracy Efforts Lead to 17 Years???.

The RIAA says that they have proved again that the law takes counterfeiting seriously because a Texas man was sentenced to 17 ½ years in federal prison after pleading guilty to conspiracy and…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1653-RIAA-Anti-Piracy-Efforts-Lead-to-17-Years.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1653-RIAA-Anti-Piracy-Efforts-Lead-to-17-Years.html)

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This doesn’t frighten me … I don’t sell beatles cds and I don’t have childporn … so I’ll keep out of prison :d


This is SO lame. Everybody can see he didn’t get this conviction for pirating only. Mainly because of the child porn, and attempted abuse. I can’t believe they use this as an example, only shows how desperate they are :r


Come on now, I cant believe you guys, as if the sentence was 99% for the attempted sexual exploitation of a minor. Any fool can see that it was all because of those stylish, groovy tunes from the beatles. The judge was obviously a beatle lover and that’s why he did it. The whole child porn thing didn’t have anything to do with it. Get real guys!! :slight_smile:


NILA are you girl? If not, sorry your name just sounds like…!!! :4


“he love kids yeah yeah yeah, he love kids yeah yeah yeah, he love kids, and you know that must be baaaaAAaad”… Over and out :7


I aint no girl!!! Im just a sarcastic brit! Anyway, screw the music industry. They’re a bunch of brainless fucks. If they really wanted to keep sales up of things like singles or even albums for that matter then all they have to do is use some brainpower instead of just thinking along the same old, worn out lines each time. Problem People aren’t buying singles because they’re not worth it and they’re easy and fast to download solution Add more content to the single cd to make it more worth it. Add the music video to go with the song. I know I’d be MUCH more willing to buy a single if it had more on it. Video, lyrix, songs, interview maybe. The music industry is going to loose until they realise they’re no longer a monolopy power and that they have to be creative and try to WIN customers over.


Laf, and vehicular manslaughter is a 10 year crime. Our scale of punishments is fucked up, get real, heaven forbid we put away drug smugglers and rapists away for 17 years.


It was’nt too long ago in a priracy article in a popular UK computer mag that the BSA said that 70% of pir8 raids resulted in pornography being found (pure propaganda making pir8’s out to be seedy!). So what!..its more likely you have a social problem if no porn is found, although kiddie porn is for sicko’s and 17 years is’nt enough unless it’s in ‘general population’ and then he won’t last 17 minutes!. :r