RIAA and MPAA start tackling Campus LAN based P2P piracy

I just posted the article RIAA and MPAA start tackling Campus LAN based P2P piracy.

 With the amount of RIAA lawsuits targeted at  university and college students, it is quite clear that students account for a good bulk of uploader's when  it comes to file sharing...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11783-RIAA-and-MPAA-start-tackling-Campus-LAN-based-P2P-piracy.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11783-RIAA-and-MPAA-start-tackling-Campus-LAN-based-P2P-piracy.html)

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Sooner or later, I will turn you in someday. :wink:

  1. public P2P networks 2) local P2P networks (schools) whats next? family homes? RIAA and MPAA have too much time on their hands. :S

Next they will be looking for the powers to police these networks to make sure that everything is to thier liking. Private networks will be policed using TPM in future with them controlling access to media remotely using arbitration under trust computing. Next in the future when all this is rolled out you will need to be trusted to connect to the internet (your ISP will use it to make sure only one person uses your cable modem etc), so goodbye opensource.

as if any uni’s are going to do that! its not a law, they are saying please can you stop them sharing files, the admins will say f*** off! we share files at our uni internal network, can swap them on limewire and stuff at about 1mb/sec between us. die mpaa/riaa!

i think riaa would make more money if they don’t waste money on such unproductive activies. because admins at campus are like nazi & consider themselves underpaid & overworked, they would be more than mad to receive such requests. those riaa requests would be end up in /home/devil/trash

The RIAA & MPAA issued a joint letter stating “The letters explained the extent of the problem” Correct me if I’m wrong, but they don’t have access to any of these firewalled university networks. How can they determine the extent of the problem. Every student they are blaming could be an absolute saint? Or are they perhaps extrapolating their own personal actions back in college. That’s sure pulling the ladder up behind ya! The RIAA & MPAA are using outdated models for their revenue & the companies they represent will soon be obsolete, just like their plan of action.

Watch for college tuition to skyrocket when the nazi RIAA/MPAA hold campuses hostage !

Soon if you’d like to set up a home LAN you’ll need to ask both RIAA and MPAA for persmission first. Seems like the story keeps repeating over and over again. They don’t make enough on what’s on the shelves, so they’re seeking money elsewhere.:g