RIAA admits defeat...Really?

The RIAA has said that the legal campaign against individual down loaders is not the answer to the problem.
See more here http://www.tgdaily.com/content/view/33022/118/
It is interesting to note in the article that the estimated number of transgressors has increased by almost 1 million since 2003 despite their best efforts.

Nah–not really! The day they stop bullying primarily innocent people with lawsuits is when they’ll admit defeat by their actions. This is just PR spin. Instead, they’re getting consumers in theaters to help crack down on pirates by a remote control with a button to notify the cinema manager someone is pirating the movie. :eek: Most of the large-scale pirating isn’t caught–except when they occasionally bust the true pirates, like a recent op in New York, and two big busts in China (where possibly the largest amount of piracy goes on in movies and software). Until the RIAA grows a brain (or has to start paying all their defendant’s legal costs for the RIAAs frivolous, no-proof lawsuits), count on underhanded propaganda by film at public universities and other such things like trying to get Congress to ban P2P because of a “national security risk” that’s unproven. :disagree:

I must agree with you. It is about time these cowboys were brought to book.
I think that history will look back very unkindly on the RIAA much as the McCarthy era is seen today.
But in the meantime the damage being done to society in bringing their industry ,lawyers, courts etc in to disrepute is enormous. Who is going to step forward and stop this madness.
Certainly not the paid for politicians in congress.

I agree with all that has been stated :iagree:
Spinmeisters :stuck_out_tongue:

The RIAA is a dinosaur that is engineering it’s own extinction.
Through it’s actions it has alienated it’s customers & it’s artists. It will soon be haemorrhaging money edit It already is /edit. Furthermore, the people it’s alienating today are the people that would be it’s customers or artists tomorrow, and they will all avoid the RIAA, like the plague, as the world recognises the RIAA for what it is, just an empty shell of lawyers and marketters, protecting it’s products of yesterday.

Although, I am confused how the RIAA is involved in movie piracy :confused: