RIAA accuses LimeWire employee of releasing LimeWire pirate edition



RIAA accuses LimeWire employee of releasing LimeWire pirate edition.

[newsimage]http://static.rankone.nl/images_posts/2010/11/6Bp8ld.jpg[/newsimage]Could “MetaPirate”, the person behind the launch of LimeWire: Pirate Edition, be someone who is or was a LimeWire employee? 

Read the full article here: [http://www.myce.com/news/riaa-accuses-limewire-employee-of-releasing-limewire-pirate-edition-36825/](http://www.myce.com/news/riaa-accuses-limewire-employee-of-releasing-limewire-pirate-edition-36825/)

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More publicity please. Let the RIAA dig their own hole by advertising the existence of a working Limewire.


…and if the RIAA identifies an employee and if the defunct Limewire says they don’t care that their defunct application was re engineered, then exactly where is a 'cause of action where the RIAA could have standing? The copyright holder to the program is Limewire not the RIAA. The RIAA has got a hell-of-a-lot to prove to get from the point where an employee tinkers with software (that the RIAA doesn’t own) to a point where they have proven that the employee did something criminal. Unless the RIAA has bought the court system this could easily be labeled an abuse that turns around and bites them in the arse. If the RIAA members were held to the standards they seem to be trying to utilize here they would have been out of business decades ago. I seriously doubt they are going to find a set of sympathetic ears in a courtroom no matter how many drama queens they assign to the case. This is just more intimidation …which is the one thing the recording industry is good at *laughs


i read that it was RIAA that forced LimeWire Pirate Edition off line, not the original LimeWire itself. maybe wrong. also thought that open source was used for it too. the reason this was done in this way was to try to force the site ‘upper’ to reveal his identity (some hope), not to just shut the site down. if there is no link between the original and new ‘limewire’, RIAA would have had to go back to court and start the shut down process all over again. easier for them to lie again. typical! they do what they like, legal or not, but no one else can do anything that is even legal!


they believe it is and have launched a manhunt in an attempt to uncover the person’s identity.

As to the success the RIAA will have in discovering his (or her) identity, “Good luck, I’m behind seven proxies,” MetaPirate said.