Ri vison

I’ve just bought some ri vison full face 16x dvd-r disc’s but my writer will only burn at 4x speed and speed test shows same 4x speed. My burner is a pioneer 110d rev- 1.37. Has anyone had same probs and if so how did you overcome problem.
Cheer for any reply’s :smiley:

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Whats the ID of the discs?

Updating your Pio firmware might be an option. I think the latest is 1.41 (link). You’re currently using 1.37 firmware.

In any case, as Kev suggested, the MID would be good (find this with DVD Identifier or CD-DVD Speed). :slight_smile:

EDIT: Corrected link!

Ooops, I linked to the 110 firmware in the last post. I double checked it and still it was wrong! :doh: - don’t download that one!

Since I can’t edit, here is the correct link to 110D 1.41 firmware: http://wwwbsc.pioneer.co.jp/product-e/ibs/device_e/file/DVR110D_FW141EU.EXE

what is id ???

Manufacturer ID. It’s info stored on the disc. If you put one of the discs in, load up one of the programs mentioned above, and that will tell you the MID.


and how do i find it

See above :wink:

ok well all i can find on manufacturer is optodisc

Optodisc is okay, but not the best. Some drives like them better than others.

Optodisc is OK, but I wouldn’t use it for important stuff.

so maybe my drive doesn’t like them ?

You may be able to use them with more current firmware. See above (again) ;)…I’ve never used Optodisc, but from what I’ve heard they’re…mediocre.

yes my will update firmware and get back to you

If you never flashed before, do it in Safe Mode to reduce what’s running in the background (I always do). Should just be as easy as clicking the file, and following instructions.

And make sure there’s no disc in the drive.

Of course, I’m assuming this is your first flash. If not, ignore me :bigsmile:

well it’s not my first flash but the dam thing don’t work it keeps saying not correct so don’t know what to do next??

The easiest thing, for now, would be to use different discs. Verbatim, or Taiyo Yuden are popular choices.

Then maybe post a thread (with as much detail as you can give about the error you get when flashing) in the Asus/Pioneer forum. They’ll be able to help you with flashing your drive successfully.


ok m8 cheers for your help i will check out firmware probs and get back soon.
thanks guys

One question - is the Pioneer set to Master on its IDE cable? I’ve heard they like to be master, and the last 110D I flashed (successfully) was master on the IDE cable.

Just a thought. :slight_smile: