RhythmShifter's ban from OSTD forum

From DonSam :

> I suggest not to edit the posts of other users
> (although of obvious reasons). If you censor the
> posts then your reaction of banning, etc. is not
> comprehensible for many readers - or just for me?

It should be comprehensible to you since I left a
message asking RS to be more polite. And I see no
point leaving on the board his insults ; if you are
curious, use your imagination.

> And it may seem that you guys abuse your
> power because of deleting / editing posts
> arbitrarily.

Moderators and administrators are chosen for their
common sense, so that they can take such
decisions by themselves. You can consider this
arbitrary, but making a poll with 27,000+ members
every time a post should be deleted would not work
very well either.

> In the special case of “RhythmShifter” it also
> appears, that you banned him because of the
> publication of his knowledge about the PSX copy
> protection and how to remove it.

Sure, we’re paid by SONY to make sure the truth
will never be known. Seriously, you are too easily
impressed. Read carefully the thread again : what
RS posted has already been said by 4 or 5 other
people, first time in january (!). Furthermore, on
OSTD forum we try to share high level technical
knowledge in a friendly way. This means that :

  1. posts with silly questions or wrong technical
    informations are deleted/edited without notice,
    since they don’t belong there.

  2. posts from people with an ‘elite attitude’ or with
    ego problems will be also deleted/edited without
    notice, even if the informations are correct.

So someone like RS who posts nothing new AND
with a bad attitude AND ignores a warning was
really looking for troubles : he just found them.

From BellyBuster:

Why have you banned RhythmShifter? I can’t
see what he’s done to deserve a ban, apart
from keeping all the info for your self,
i’m not saying this is the reason why he
is banned it just looks that way. The question
is why is he banned?

Is it me, or isn’t this something that should be dealt with over PM rather than in public?

I didn’t want to give offence, sorry for my post.
Today wasn’t my day, and when I saw, that someone who knows some facts becomes banned, I really was upset.

I read the replys to RhythmShifter’s posts again and now your reaction is much more understandable for me.

:cop: so, keep on patrolling :wink: :cop: