Rhapsody Retention Deal



For those who really want to keep Rhapsody and not simply switch to the less expensive Yahoo!, I have uncovered a special retention deal, but be aware this only will cover the Rhapsody Unlimited Service, which does not include the to-go feature.

Since I think nobody is going to care about to-go after they see what the release version of MuvAudio 1 will be able to do (it should be out by the 4th of July or earlier), this may be an acceptable deal. If you really want to have the option of loading DRM protected files on your player, then Yahoo is still a much better deal.

You can’t cancel Rhapsody without calling them. Go about the cancelation procedure within the software and it will bring up a toll free number. Call the number, and be prepared to wait on hold a very long time. Then prepare yourself for people who never speak English as a primary language. Speaking to these people is very painful, not only because they cannot spell even the simplest American names, but because they barely can handle their own workstation. Mine had to speak to his supervisor five times. One day companies will learn that hiring some person that was farming soybeans in Kazakhstan a week earlier to now handle tech issues is just not a great idea.

Tell them you are quitting Rhapsody because Yahoo has a better deal - $60 a year for unlimited, to go service. They will offer you a year for $59.88. If you can squeeze Rhapsody-to-Go at this price, let us know. They quoted that price for Rhapsody Unlimited for me.

MuvAudio will be able to convert your protected wma files to the unprotected format of your choice, so you can load your ipod or whatever, making the to-go feature unimportant.


Am I the only one that thinks having to call to cancel in the first place is unexceptable?


Am I the only one here who finds your spelling unacceptable? :wink: