Rhapsody: Help transfering files




I have a legit basic membership with Rhapsody…

I have downloaded a lot of songs at work, since I have fast access…

I want to transfer these files to my computer at home so I can listen to them.

I do not want to redownload them… Just want to throw them on an External Hard Drive…

Is their any way to do this…




Real Rhapsody is a streaming service, so I do not understand when you say “I have downloaded a lot of songs at work, since I have fast access…”

Are you talking about some other service?


Rhapsody is a download service now…


Rhapsody is not just a streaming service.

Here are instructions for accomplishing this:



Thanks for the info … so they have gone the Napster route.

Basically these files are DRM file and most probably they reside on your My Documents folder somewhere. Let me do some googling and find where exactly these files get copied to when you download them. Then all you have to do hopefully is to copy the files from your work computer to the exact same location on your home computer and install the Raphsody player to listen to these files on your home computer.


how much for the “on the go” service? that sounds good, now if I can only put those mp3’s in my Ipod!!!


Rhapsody is around $15 a month for on the go. Yahoo! is $60 for the year. You will need to convert all protected .wma files to work on your iPod. Apple doesn’t support protected .wma content.