Rh7500 pic freezing when recording to hdd

Hi , new here , have just got a lg 7500 and it seems really good , problem i have is when using one touch recording to hdd the pic and / or sound freezes every 15 mins or so and when checking the actual recording on the hdd it is the same,

connected using scarts at the mo.

any help or ideas would be helpful, thanks Dean

It says on the manual that signs of HDD failure probs include unexpected freezing and noticeable block noise (mosaic) in the picture. Maybe check your HDD with the manufacturers warranty. Hopefully it’s not that.

Reset the device. Unplug for at least 10-15 mins. Try again.

I had that problem and the tuner didn’t work, I sent it back…should I get the same LG model or waht should I get …it’s only €316 now!