Rgb scartcable still remains grey



I ORDERED SOME GAMES FOR PSX, AND THEY WERE GREY WHEN I PLAY THEM, someone told me i need an rgb scartcable so i went look for such a cable, and i found it a www.psxshop.com. I plugged it in my PSX and my TV, but I still remains grey. There are also 3 connectors on it. The same colors that you might have on your tv, white, yellow and red. DO I have to get some cables to put in these colors from the RGB CABLE TO THE TV so I can play them in color. IF so were can i get them.


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I also had the same problem with Metal Gear Solid (US) on my PSX (Eur)! So I got a new RGB cable! And then I had colors! But not all RGB cables can do the job! I bought the cable in Holland, “Games 'R Fun” there they have the right ones! So if you live near there… (don’t know where you come from!) And the 3 outputs on the cable are to connect it to your Hifi set!
Good luck!


I live in Belgium, the cable i ordered from PSXSHOP in HOLLAND cames from the shop PC TEC in my country.
In belgium thesee cables are hard to find. This is the second cable i bought.
Maybe i ve better luck next time


You say the cable had 3 wires, were they phono connectors coloured yellow, red and white? If so this is NOT an RGB scart cable but merely a composite signal (on yellow) with the audio output (on the red and white). If it has been sold to you as RGB, take it back and demand your money back. An RGB scart in UK costs about £4 now.
Any questions, please mail me.
Good luck.


Any PSX scart cable with the RGB pins connected and the appropriate caps used should work. You might not need a scart cable though, check the NTSC to PAL section on my site


Thnx all, it does work now.
Just plugged it in another tv