I ORDERED SOME GAMES FOR PSX, AND THEY WERE GREY WHEN I PLAY THEM, someone told me i need an rgb scartcable so i went look for such a cable, and i found it a www.psxshop.com. I plugged it in my PSX and my TV, but I still remains grey. There are also 3 connectors on it. The same colors that you might have on your tv, white, yellow and red. DO I have to get some cables to put in these colors from the RGB CABLE TO THE TV so I can play them in color. IF so were can i get them.



Did you tried the scart cabel on an other TV already?


NO, can that cause the problem


Like my other post mate, you don’t have an RGB cable, merely a composite cable with stereo audio.
Get a proper RGB scart and you will have colour!


Yes on a other tv it might work.

Example i had a psx with rgb cable.
I sold it to my neighbours but on their tv it wouldn’t run in color, so it can depend on wath kind of tv you have. (i think they had a old phillips tv)


Rudeboy thnx for the tip, it does works now.
Just Great

Thnx again


No thnx

And maybe you can put the rgb cable of the psx in your videorecorder. And the videorecorder in the tv that didn’t work in colour(offcourse)


Thnx again, does work also.
What a luck that cdfreaks is here with al there members to help eachothers isn’t it?


No thnx again.

And i think cdfreaks is one of the best underground sites.

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you can get an RGB cable from hmv
an its about £7
the one you’ve got is not RGB



Actually Virgin do them for about a fiver. I already told him that he hasn’t got an RGB scart, but he’s not bloody listening mate.