RF Output Setting question



I just bought & set up a new DVD/VCR combo recorder (DMR-EZ48V). While setting it up, I missed the first step of determining an RF output channel, so, even though it is connected to the TV with an A/V cable in addition to the direct coax cable, I ended up setting the RF output as Channel 3, instead of turning it to OFF, which is what I meant to do so that we could change channels directly on the TV.

does anyone know if there’s a way to alter this setting now that initial setup is finished? I couldn’t find anything in the setup menu. Thanks!


On the ES-30 the trick to bring up that option to select 3,4,OFF is as follows: Press [FUNCTIONS] button on remote for more than 5 seconds. The RF output channel number should be displayed. Press CH up CH down to select a channel number or OFF.
Press enter to finish this setting.
Hope this helps!