Rewriter frustrations

ok…i have a problem w my dvd rewriter, heres the history.

Strted when trying to burn discs from itunes, would get an unexplained eror then the burn would be abandoned
Next at log on i got a message from Cyberlink saying that no burning device could be located, then the same message from itunes.
Now the drawer wont open on the burner…before i send back to Mesh is therer anything i can try???
Sony 16x dual layer dvd rewriter

I don’t know if can be useful, but try to check cables; if power cable is not plugged correctly, drive won’t open.

cables are fine :confused:

Do the led on the drive lit when you start computer?

no mate, the led on the rewriter does not come on at start up, guess this indicates an electrical fault??

Try to change power plug with another from the PSU; maybe this solve.

But if led don’t lit at computer startup, then probably is damaged.

If you can do a test, try to install this drive on a different computer.