Rewritables for the Plextor 708A

I’m hoping someone else here has the Plextor 708A, and can tell me what rewritable discs I can buy. I want the highest speed available, which means 24x for CDRW and 4x for DVD+RW. I tried Fuji DVD+RWs - they did not work.

Plextor’s site lists only 2 compatible 24x CDRWs: 1/ CMC and 2/ Ritek. Only 4 compatible 4x DVD+RWs are listed: 1/ CMC, 2/ Ritek, 3/ Infodisc and 4/ Philips. I have not been able to find these at any local stores, and their availability online is also very limited.

Can someone let me know what brands of 24x CDRW and 4x DVD-RW will positively work with my burner? Perhaps some of these brands (the CMC and Infodisc) are branded by other companies?

Any help is appreciated.