Rewritable won't rewrite

I burned an .iso to a DVD+RW, but can’t seem to erase or replace any files. Did burning the .iso finalize it somehow? No biggie, just curious.


When you burnt the ISO you may have used a normal burner not a package writting software like InCD or DragToDisk.
With these ones you can use the disc like a floppy, i.e., write and delete files.
With a burner software - like Nero, Roxio, etc. - you have to delete the disc, using the application, before you can use it again.

Fully format using DVDinfopro.

I think I tried using BlindWrite on that particular image. Alcohol 120% doesn’t seem to work so well with RW’s unless fully erasing a blank one. Nero does pretty good most of the time. But I shall check out DVDInfoPro as it appears to be a handy utility.


Try to do a full erase with imgburn, and then use again imgburn to write the ISO on the disc.