Rewritable DVD (+RW)

Does FAB have an issue with rewriteable dvd’s?

I have a Funai SV2000 (WV10D6) DVR that I use to record my favorite TV shows. Recently I recorded 9 episodes of a show and had to record the ninth one on a separate dvd since there wasn’t enough space on the first dvd. I attempted to merge using FAB but FAB couldn’t read the dvd’s correctly. It was not bringing up all of the titles on the 1st dvd, and on the 2nd dvd it brought up too many. Noticing the time durations, it appeared to be showing titles that were previously erased from the dvd. It was also unable to preview any titles. This DVR has a “compatibility” function that allows its discs to be played on standard players and computers. I haven’t had a problem until now. I was using FAB 2.9xxx to copy these before and did so with no problem. I tested these 2 DVD+RW’s to be sure. Of course, NERO, FAB, DVD shrink, the old original DVD Decrypter and both my SONY Jukes have no problem reading, playing or recording to either of these rewiteable DVD+RW’s. They are Fujitsu DVD+RW’s. That’s the brand that has always worked with everything I own (and its the only brand I use - for RW’s - because of that). I’ve always had some problem getting everything to work using other brands. FAB has no problem reading from my purchased media, DVD+R’s (merging or otherwise) or burning to my +R blanks. I’d like to be able to save some space by using the merge.

Got help? :smiley:

i think you will find because the rewritable dvd disc are not finalised (finished off) dvd fab will not recognised the disc as a film dvd. therefore reading the disc it might only recognise it as a data disc. this subject must have been spoken about before so you could check previous threads and see if your answer has already been said.

DARKSHARKX : You might try updating to the latest version of DVDFAB and try another quality brand of media such as TY’s or Verbatim’s

Try opening the disc using the folder icon instead of letting it try to automatically read from the DVD drive: click on the folder, then navigate to and open the disc’s VIDEO_TS folder (if it has more than one, this is the problem). This “Source forcing” has worked for me. Erase RWs completely before re-using for fewer problems.

Ok guys . . . I combined your suggestions. First of all [B]Jimbo[/B], the media doesn’t make much difference when it comes to FAB3 for +R’s, and for RW’s, I think [B]woofer[/B]'s comment was much closer to home. I created finalized +R’s of the RW’s using FAB (which played perfectly in my stand-alones). I then attempted to use FAB to merge them but it still couldn’t read them. I doubt if Fengtao fixed this (or was even aware of the issue) for the last round of updates. I then used DVD Shrink to “re-author” and merge the titles. Of course and as always, DVD Shrink had no problem previewing, compressing and merging the compilation into a DVD folder. I then used TitleWriter to take the menu off of the first new +R I created and “merge” it with the new compilation. [U]And it worked![/U] :clap: :bigsmile: :clap: [B]HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA![/B] The last title on the 1st +R was a 2 part episode, so I just took off the “(Part 1)” in its title name. Now when you use the menu and go to that title, it plays as normal and then immediately continues into the part 2 episode that originally had to go on the 2nd DVD+R. So now there’s no need to list “(Part 1)” or “2” for that matter. FAB does it again! [B]Signals[/B], I blanked the +RW’s again and completely, just to make sure, but still no luck with FAB3. And [B]Signals[/B], you and me have looked at some issues together, and I appreciate your help. But is it just me or do I keep finding issues where the older programs (and even ironically older versions of FAB) can do certain things that FAB3 can’t do? And it doesn’t seem to matter what version of we’re talking about. What did Fengtao give up in order to have better protection breaking? Go figure.

Well I’m sure everybody will come running to defend FAB3 now like it was their insulted girlfriend. I just look at things objectively. I’ve seen comments way on 1 extreme saying FAB3 is bad and so is the service, and others at the other extreme who can’t stop kissing FAB3’s butt. So let me say this once and for all and for the record. As for me, FAB3 is a great tool. I think there is not a better application out there when it comes to backing up my precious DVD collectibles - I pay too much for them to neglect them. But I’ve got to be objective and realize that there are opportunities for improvement. That’s what updates are for. One of the goals of this forum should be to proactively find those limitations so they can be fixed (without any BS one way or the other). And stop blaming the person reporting the problem. Sure, most of the time its their fault something happened, but it might be a shortcoming of FAB’s. We have to nip those in the bud in an understanding and professional way. Most members get what I’m saying but there a few stragglers out there. Let me put it this way for all of you who are “so in love” and “googley-eyed” over FAB3:

If FAB3 was my girlfriend, we’d break-up in a month over all her re-arranging of my system and work-arounds I have to do to keep her happy. But I’m willing to go to counseling on this Forum to solve our problems and stay together - as long as the counselor is unbiased. :bigsmile: :flower: :bigsmile:

Let’s face it. I wouldn’t kick her out of bed and neither would you! :disagree:


Your interesting post deserves a more considered reply than I have time to make right now, but for the time being: no, it’s not just you and you’re probably right about some of the other stuff too. Just remember that some users have zero problems with DVDFab, and this colors their praise of the product. Here’s what I told a prospective user the other day: TTFN