Rewritable DVD+RW Double Layer to be finalised by year-end



I just posted the article Rewritable DVD+RW Double Layer to be finalised by year-end.

 The  DVD+RW  Alliance, which supports the DVD plus recording standard is currently in discussions for  a Double Layer DVD Rewritable disc standard, which will be finalised  by the end of...
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JVC at one point announced plans to do DVD-RW DL. The DVD+RW Alliance should already be wrapping it up on DVD+RW DL if they really mean business. After all, who the hell wants to be stuck with write-once only when it comes to 8.5GB DL? At least with rewritables, you can test as many times as you wish with the same disc unlike write once where once a coaster you can’t erase it.


Yeah, well it sounds like more vapourware to me. What price are these +RW DL discs going to sell for ? Obviously very high. The compatibility issue is another problem. Given that DVD+R DL and DVD-R DL have poor compatibility with DVD players I wouldn’t expect any RW DL format to be any better. The last bit about needing a new DVD-ROM drive to read the new RW DL format is another cost which users might not bear especially if the adoption of the new RW DL media is slow. The other thing of course is that 8.5GB is not a lot of space anymore. 30GB+ should be a decent size for digital media discs now given the massive size of HD video content. Roll on Blu-ray I say. :stuck_out_tongue:


probably not inexpensive & abilability would not be good; many stores are not even carrying +dl disks though its a welcome development; they really need to find how to make disks far cheaper than right now if multilayered disks are not going to be affordable, then single layer of hd dvd or bd would be nice that is they can make disks & burner cheaply & let us do whatever we want to do like backing up multiple dvds in one of next gen disks


Get in, even worse write quality to look forward to


“help, I can’t retrieve my data on the second layer…” :g Though I hope they do a good job with it (and will be far better than burning expensive coasters), I doubt it will go down in price much.