Rewritable DVD Questions

[li]Which rewritable DVD (DVD-RW or DVD+RW) is recommended around here besides DVD-RAM, for data backups? Do brands matter with these like they do with DVD+/-Rs?[/li][li]With DVD-RAM, which UDF version should I use and what are the differences between versions?[/li][li]Which tool is the best to use for making DVD-RAM discs accessible in Windows XP (I want to format using a UDF file system)?[/li][li]Which drives support discs that have cartridges? Is there an advantage to using cartridgeless discs when compared to DVD+/-RWs?[/li][/ol]

1 - I like to use DVD-RW disks - preferrably Verbatim.

I have DVD-RAM capability, but prefer the simple nature of standard DVD’s. They are very compatible, so in a pinch, just about any drive I have access to can read them. Even if I go to a buds house or something, I can still read 'em.

Not the case with DVD-RAM, at least not yet. I don’t want to take chances, so I don’t even do Multi-Session on DVD’s. The most important thing to me is data integrity - the second most important thing is probably that I want to be able to read the data.

I don’t think I’d like it if I knew my data was in good shape but I could not quickly and easily read it on whatever hardware I have on hand.

+RW/-RW does have better compatibility, but for stability I’d use DVD-RAM. If you absolutely had to use another computer to access data on a DVD-RAM disc, you could always put your drive in an enclosure. If you’re going to transfer data from computer to computer on a short term basis, -RW/+RW would be better (or a USB ‘thumb drive’). For long term storage on a rewriteable format intended mainly for your own data backups, I would go with DVD-RAM.

Definitely. :iagree: I have great results with Verbatim, just like BeardedKirklander.

[li]Which drives support discs that have cartridges? [/li]None anymore (that I know of). They disappeared rather quickly.
Is there an advantage to using cartridgeless discs when compared to DVD+/-RWs?
Of course: DVD-RAM is just like a hard disk, you never need to erase/format the disc before writing new stuff on it (unless the disc is full of course). For video use, though, DVD-RAM can be awfully tricky to manage, get some aspirine. :bigsmile:

Personally I dropped DVD-RAM because it was far too slow to my taste (2X) and quite expensive. Things have changed since, but considering the price (low) and speed (high) of write-once media these days, I wouldn’t bother with RAM anymore. shrug

Are TDK blanks good as well?

I like the Verbatim DVD+RW (MKM A02), and so does my Litey 1693. I just found out they no longer sell the pack of 10 in jewel cases. I hope their spindle of 30 is just as good.

I used to be a huge supporter of TDK-branded media (TDKG02 an TTG02 have been among my favorite blanks), but some time after they decided to stop manufacturing their own blanks (in 2005), all the TDK discs that I had were very disappointing: TTH02 (16X -R) with below-par results, TDK003 (16X +R) that degrade rather fast… so I stopped recommending TDK altogether. Though I admit I have no experience with TDK RW blanks. I’m not even sure if they have their own technology for RW anymore, or if they just “re-brand” stuff. Can’t help you.

What about with DVD-RAM? Is manufacturing more controlled with these DVD-RAM discs?

They don’t have their own +RW technology, only -RW, as I know. -RWs usually come with “TDKxxxsaku” MID, +RWs 4x usually have “PHILIPS 041” MID.
Both variants are good, IMO, although you can buy “PHILIPS 041” +RWs, for example, LG-branded, which are usually cheaper. I have no problems with all of them.

You mean DVD-RAM quality control in comparison with DVD±RWs’ ?
OK, just the majority of DVD-RAM matrixes is still made by 2 REPUTABLE companies: Panasonic and Maxell. Here is the quality. Sometimes you can see Ritek or Optodisc MID-ed DVD-RAMs, but they are rather rare (at least, where I’m located :bigsmile: ) And I don’t speak about probable fakes, just don’t know, whether such exist or not.

But I personally wouldn’t use DVD-RAM <12x, even made by Pns. or Mxl.: too slow. And I also wouldn’t use 12x DVD-RAM made not by Mxl. or Pns. :disagree:

Didn’t you know that data is verified as it’s being written (which accounts for slow overall write speeds)?

true but even so and even with 12x -RAM it’s still considerably slower than DVD+/-R @ 16x.