Rewritable drives only recognised by Media Player!?

I always got annoyed that Windows Media Player would rather cook my breakfast and drive me to work than actually play me some music, but finally it’s come in useful!

My girlfriend’s [Win XP Pro SP2] PC has two drives:

They both read CDs/DVDs fine, but Nero 7 doesn’t list them as rewritable devices, nor does explorers built in CD writing software, but magically WMP can successfully write music CD’s!

Any ideas?

Sorry for how open this question is, but that fact that she is currently living 100+ miles away and doesn’t have internet, makes things a lot more tricky!

Thanks for any help/ideas you can give me,


Update Nero.

Very good point, cheers Chef! I’ll have the latest patch with me ready next time i’m there!

Do you know if there is somewhere I can find out which drives are supported with each version of nero 7?

You should find that on
But I suspect that something is screwed up with that windows installation. Maybe some copy protection software or similar.


If this Nero version was bundled/OEM, it would not work properly (with all burners).

My worry is that windows isn’t doing it’s classic drag n drop CD/DVD burning either, so the problem might be deeper than just nero?

You won’t need that imapi burn engine when using other apps like Nero.

Maybe you need to check the status by using devicemanager…