Rewritable Blu-Ray disc read only problem


I’m having issues with my blu-ray drive burning rewritable blu-ray media

Discs: TDK BD-RE 50GB DL Ver 1.3 1-2X.
Laptop: Lenovo X200T 1.8Ghz, 4Gb RAM, 160Gb Harddrive with plenty of free space
System: Windows 7

The problem is, I do a full erase with the latest InCD, and full format and then use in Windows drag and drop burning. It works absolutely fine, but then after a few times it comes up with this message:

“InCD: Mounting drive D: for read-only access
The disc has been marked read-only by UDF writing software.”

So I tried erase and format with Windows. Exact same problem, so it’s not limited to InCD.

This is happening with all my discs, and all my discs are new.

If I try then to drag and drop a file, it keeps it as a temporary file to be burned. When I try to burn, it wants to burn the file to disc like a normal burn operation i.e. as if there were no other files, and it were starting from scratch. Except that fails aswell.

Thanks in advance

InCD is crap, try with imgburn and other media.

Imgburn doesn’t do packet writing. I want to use it like a flash drive i.e. drag and drop.

If both Windows and InCD keep failing, something’s not right

Sure, but packet writing is playing with fire, IMO.
Therefore I mentioned Imgburn.