"Rewind when done playing" feature

I was wondering if anyone knew of an other dvd backup programs that include the feature :Rewind when done playing. DVDfabPlatinum has this available in Customize mode, but I was wondering if there were any other (respectable) programs.

I would think not why would one want to rewind a dvd anyways? :doh:

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The OP is joking right?

Um…not joking

You guys obviously havent used DVDfabPlatinum. I’ll try to break this down for the few that , so far, seem to have trouble understanding English.

I copy in Movie Only mode, with whatever backup program I use. Basically, I want the movie to loop continuosly, until I stop it. Why? When you have kids that cry for the same dvd to be played over and over for all eternity, you’ll see what I mean.

Again DVDFab has this feature available, and obviously the author didnt think it was a joke. I guess there are other forum communities out there that approach questions a little more seriously than this one.

PgcEdit can create a loop for you.

A bit huffy aren’t we?

Rewind is an analog term: =Tape.
But [I]Loop[/I] … now [I]that’s[/I] a digital term: 01010101 01010101 =Data (Disk).

Now your talkin DVD English! How could we know what you meant?

You can do what Dialysis1 suggested … I have no experence in it. But, also, you don’t have to program a loop into your backups. Most decent DVD players have a “Repeat Playback” feature. Either repeat between user definable A and B points or repeat playback of an entire titleset. Should keep your kids happy. Your owners manual should have details for your player brand.

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Thanks for the input. Yeah, I guess I was a little “huffy” after 3 responses, all of which thought I was joking. The reason I used the term “rewind” is because that’s what the popular DVDFab uses, as it has the option stated as “Rewind when done playing”.

If you are doing a “movie only rip”, then use PgcEdit with DVD Shrink plugin. Both can be gotten here. Make a folder called plugins in the PgcEdit folder and put the DVD Shrink plugin in there.

Now open the movie in PgcEdit and open the tab plugins. Hit DVD Shrink line. Then select DVD Shrink remote buttons. Select the last box:

Then save the DVD. Make sure you test it in your computer player like MPC

I hope this helps. My previous reply was a joke.

Yes, PgcEdit can do this in a flash. It’s hardly a “feature”. Simply, set the first post command to be Link Pgm 1 and Bob’s yer uncle.


Thank you. Very helpful.