Rewarning: Nero InCD Could Destroy Your Important Data Permanently



I know there are many many threads talking about the same subject, but I have to post this new thread to warn you:


I was here once, I was heard all the experienced people talked about InCD the way I talk about it today, but I didn’t give my attention until last night, I was trying to move my C# projects & psd documents to my Verbatim DVD+RW 4X, everything is going its way, the File Moving Dialog Box disappeared when the progress indicator completely moved to the right, I was pretty sure the files were moved to the disc when I saw them appeared on it.

Although I wasn’t hurry to eject the disc out, suddenly, a balloon poped-up from the system tray says “Delayed Write Failed”*, and then the disc became read only and the last psd file I moved has been wiped out, disappeared without a trace. I’ve been terribly shocked, because this file means too much to me, If it gone, I’ll pessimistically live the rest of my life in desperation. God have mercy, I recovered my file via RecoverNT, but wasted 2 hours 23 Minutes of my precious time.

Considering it may be a disc related issue, I changed the recordable media to slower speed, better quality and higher reliability TDK DVD-RW 2X, and you know Pioneers are better when use -R(W), sadly, even I changed the disc, the same thing happened again when I copying files to the TDK for the sixth or seventh time. This forced me to do a widely diagnostication across various hardware platform to make sure this is a hardware related issue or not. with 8 writers & 17 different ±RW discs of 12 brands, the result pains me: on every disc-burning platform without Mt. Rainier support, if you want, you can make it happened, this could be happened even using a writer with Mt. Rainier Write capability. So, this is not an accident, this is the shortage of packet writing, both software & hardware weren’t mature enough or well-developed for packet writing, you can’t prevent it to be happened, therefore, you have to:

Aware the risk of the use of the packet writing software if you feel you can stick it, and try your best not to bother the Writer till it finished its work for awhile. Or you can:
Abandon the packet writing software you’ve probably had enough for loss of data, and use less inconvenient but more reliable multisession instead. If you have enough budget and you’re not sensitive about compatibilities, you can get rid of all these mess by:
Put your money into DVD-RAM, You’ll have your Happily-Ever-After.

  • Detailed information exported from Event Viewer

Event Type: Information
Event Source: Application Popup
Event Category: None
Event ID: 26
Category: None
Date: 4/23/2005
Time: 09:46:06 PM
User: N/A
Computer: OAStudios072
Application popup: Windows - Delayed Write Failed : Windows was unable to save all the data for the file \My Projects\Pequyck\Psd\0EF7A_Sbmt.psd. The data has been lost. This error may be caused by a failure of your computer hardware or network connection. Please try to save this file elsewhere.

For more information, see Help and Support Center at


There are many such issues with packet writing software and Nero even has a disclaimer about the use of InCD and XPSP2 on thier website. I believe if a company knows the “packet writing thing” is unreliable and people could loose valuable data they should either fix it or stop marketing it.


I believe it too.


Sorry to here about the data you lost, but I don’t think I would use a method of backup if I thought I might lose some thing very important unless I made a copy first or or took other precautions. Much has been written about problems with INCD and other packet writing software, you said you had heard of problems yourself, :sad: :sad: :sad:



  1. Using writers with MRW Write capability will surely decrease the possibilities of writing error.
  2. InCD will work better (both faster & stabler) on computer not had xpsp2 installed.
    read this article from microsoft knowledge base:
    and this from


Sorry to hear your problems, but maybe “Iso Buster” can help.It costs 25 EURO. It helped me recover UDF files from DVD+RW no Problem made by InCD. All the Best Bollux


Warm-hearted Bollux,

ThanX for your suggestion. :wink: but I don’t think the Iso Buster could help in this case even it works perfectly on discs that completely unrecognizable.

Cache of the operating system should responsible for this, that is to say, some necessary data that form the file were lost halfway before reached the disc, How can you recover something that is not on the disc?

ThanQ anyway,

Reply keeps the community alive. - Vincent Zimdgre

PS. This thread intend to set an alert that let us beware the danger of packet-writing software.


I’ve just checked my inbox and found this, maybe it could help. the hotfix may fix the problem or result more, update as necessary, Microsoft reserved all rights.

Vincent Zimdgre do not promise anything, by using this hotfix, all the risks will be yours. :cool:

From : Microsoft Contact US 2 <>
Sent : Monday, April 25, 2005 5:34 PM
To : “???” <???>
Subject : RE:‘RTCProd=008-086-317’ InCD Packet-Writing under XP SP2

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Hello ???,

Thank you for contacting Microsoft Online Customer Service.

I understand from your e-mail that you are experiencing issues with Packet-writing programs for optical media recording devices run slower than expected on Windows XP Service Pack 2-based computers (891070). I understand the importance of the issue.

As per your request, ???, I have uploaded the English version of the hotfix package discussed in <Q#891070>, to a Microsoft FTP Web site.

???, please take note of the following information:

  1. Hotfixes are not regression tested. They should not be deployed in a production environment without prior testing.
  2. The system receiving the hotfix should be fully backed up before installing the hotfix.
  3. If the hotfix does not resolve your issue, and you would like assistance troubleshooting, we will need to determine what support you have available and set up a support case.

The hot fix for your issue has been packaged and placed on an HTTP site for you to download.

WARNING: This fix is not publicly available through the Microsoft website as it has not gone through full Microsoft regression testing. If you would like confirmation that this fix is designed to address your specific problem, or if you would like to confirm whether there are any special compatibility or installation issues associated with this fix, you are encouraged to speak to a Support Professional in Product Support Services.

The package is password protected so be sure to enter the appropriate password for each package. To ensure the right password is provided cut and paste the password from this mail.

NOTE: Passwords expire every 7 days so download the package within that period to insure you can extract the files. If you receive two passwords it means you are receiving the fix during a password change cycle. Use the second password if you download after the indicated password change date.


KB Article Number(s): 891070
Language: English
Platform: i386
Location: (
Password: nTmEHn^
Password Changes On: 04/28/2005
Next Password: 8*W^]hr+i{

NOTE: Be sure to include all text between ‘(’ and ‘)’ when navigating to this hot fix location!

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to reply to this e-mail.
Thank you for using Microsoft products and services.

Microsoft Online Customer Service Representative.

Is your software secure? Make sure you are correct with all security updates by running the scan program available at

If you have any comments or feedback about the service I provided you, please send an e-mail message to my manager, ??? ???, at ???

-----Original Message-----
From: ??? (???
Date: Monday, April 25, 2005 12:44 AM
To: CS (
Subject: InCD Packet-Writing under XP SP2

First Name: ???
Last Name: ???

O/S: Version 5.1 (Bulid 2600.xpsp_sp2_rtm.040803-2158 : Service Pack 2)
Br: Internet Explorer 6.0.2900.2180
Country/Region: United States

Windows XP Professional with SP2

Ref URL: ???
O/S: windows nt 5.1
O/S Lang: en-us
Br: msie 6.0
Br lang: en-us

Message: Let’s see if you can help me to obtain a copy of hotfix mentioned below:


I searched the, sadly, this hotfix is not available on it.
My Nero InCD is as instable as it never been before after I updated xp to sp2. when I copy files to the RW discs, the “Delayed Write Failed” balloon often pop-up from the system tray, afterward, the disc become read-only and some of those data were lost.
The says that’s not their problem, the MS’s sp2 should responsible for it. so I asking you for further assistance.
Any response will be gratefully appreciated.

Cordially Yours,
??? ???


I know you got your problem sorted wich is great, but the way you write it, looked like you were MOVING files to a DVD+RW???

Thats a VERY bad way of doing it, you should copy them, then when copy is finished, you do a read test of the whole disc, once thats done, THEN you can delete files on your hard disk, but heck, I would never trust a packet writen disc for backup.


Thanks for your advice Oz, I severely agree with you. :iagree: From now on, I’ll follow COPY+CHECK+DELETE procedure, no more MOVE, no more.

I always perform file operation by right mouse button drag, but when I selected MOVE menu item instead of COPY by accident, I chose compromise sometimes, I’m a little lazy to cancel the MOVE operation, restore files already been moved, then start a new COPY operation. disasters happens when ignores presents. I’ll never forget your advice buddy.

Thanks again.


Quick question. I’m thinking of buying the OEM Suite 3 and InCD 4 is included in the program. I don’t know much about this program, but does everything else work if you decide not to install this part of the suite into the computer?


Nothing else in the Nero suite is dependent on InCD being installed, so everything else should work just fine without InCD.


That’s right DrageMester, I’ll never install InCD till I got solid evidence that packet writing software were improved and much much more reliable, use them just as safe as burning an ISO image.

I had my computer installed a borrowed DVD-RAM Writer & a Panasonic DVD-RAM Disc with cartridge, I just luv the arched alignment of rectangle blocks in the recording surface, beautiful!


Downloaded the hotfix archive (KB891070) which Vincent mentioned in this thread back in April. But the passwords indicated don’t work, even after tweaking the date of my PC. Any ideas? Other sources for this pre-SP3 XP hotfix, which is said to return speed of packet-writing to pre-SP2 values? TIA.