Reward ;-) to have DVD Video working


we’re currently using the NeoAPI SDK to deliver CD/DVD/VideoCD/SVideoCD (from Windows Media files) to our customers.
Unfotunately, the lone solution we found to create Video DVD from Windows Media files is to convert them to legal MPEG2 files before. The Nero transoding API fails (the sample provided in the SDK too).

As suggested by the Nero technical support who can’t give any support on the SDK even if paid for that. We’re willing to pay anyone who can help us solve this us. The terms and conditions are to be discussed (as this is not a dead end, but a matter of end user cost), but this proposal is serious.

I prefer this issue to be solved in the SDK itself if possible (I mean by the Nero developers as some of them seems to read this forum)…


There must be lots of apps that convert windows media to DVD surely?

Yes, a lot.

But we need to embed it in our application. Otherwise, the NeroAPI SDK would be useless; everyone can surely run Nero to create the Video DVD.

There are a lot of features that we could automatically embed into our application and that would take long to do with NeroVision (chapter creation and naming).
The video files we use are related to a database that holds information we could add…

Thanks anyway


you need to use 2 libraries, one to transcode the WMV to mpeg-2 and the other to create DVD compatible files.

I am using a software library that produces DVD compliant structures and enables to automatically create DVD .

mail me at, I’ll try to help you if you still need help…