Revolutionary file-sharing software, ES5, finally available

I just posted the article Revolutionary file-sharing software, ES5, finally available.

mprover and proton both used our newssubmit to tell us that the ‘revolutionary’ file-sharing software Earth Station 5 (ES5) has finally been released for beta testing.

Unfortunately that’s…

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ES5 will be awsome when the proper version comes out. This current beta version did not even function on my computer and it would not uninstall easy. check out They are talking up this program to be the saviour of file sharing with “stealth” technology. Researching further you will find the headquarters is in gaza city. These people have a lot of money and are based all over the world eg mainly china,russia,israel(jewish) and palenstine. I would really love to know there motives or business model. let me know please.

The GUI sucks, why must every program have a lame skin. A plain windows GUI option would be nice.

Update: I turned off the gui but this p2p is to bloated. To much flash and crap.

There are three main things that P2P software require: Search screen, Download/Upload screen and a settings screen. Some features such as multisource downloading, etc. would be useful also. Anything else such as media player, chat, internet explorer screen, etc. are really useless in a P2P app! These would be best put into their own applications.

Agreed! To hell with the bloatware. :r I think some of these developers need to realize they should concentrate on improving the REAL use of their apps.

That’s awesome!! :slight_smile:

I don’t know what this is. everyone on zeropaid says this prog is great, so I tried to find out, but the forum of this prog requires registering, and I am not going to register in every single forum, without even knowing what the whole stuff is about. one thing, however, is certain: whatever this thing is, it simply cannot be better than the edonkey or the fasttrack network. simply because it can’t have that many users, in other words, as many files, and that’s what it’s about, isn’t it? the amount of files. not even the speed, it’s the availability. and besides, look here: ‘Free Web Services- Dating, Video Chat, IP Phone Calls & Streaming Sex Channels for Adults’ what kind of crap is that? is this professional? stupid marketing policies, making money with porn and dating services, I think I have seen this before… or rather I have seen others FAIL trying the same crap. The whole internet is full of porn, I get so many passes for porn sites, I don’t even have time to visit them all. Thanks, but no more porn for me :4

you can disable the skins (click more >> then preferance settings and its the bottom left option on the first page) but you still get the ugly flash menu bar at the top and without the skins you can see the problems with the gui (inexplicable two scroll bars at the bottom of the screen…)

reasons it wont catch on: 1. they can’t spell on their info page - why trust anyone that cannot bother to spellcheck? i understand if a casual cdfreaks user misspells something, but ‘the next revolution in p2p file sharing’ had better spell everything right if they want people to jump ship. 2. UDP? that sounds reliable for file transers. especially through several intermediaries. 3. kazaa isnt broken - if it aint broke, why change? kazaa had no chance in the world til napster died :stuck_out_tongue:

…and there’s kazaa lite! I’ve just installed this and it puts a key for alexa in the registry. Agreed about the bloat too…