Reviving a dead Iomega USB Multi Burner (Lite-On)


I had an external DVD Multi-Burner from Iomega DVDRW16X-U2 which basicaly an Lite-On OEM (16xx or 17xx series). When I turn it on, It confirms receiving power (lights on) and can eject tray but simply not recognized by computers or laptops (tried multiple laptops/computers) properly.

I may have played with some tools in the past but should be nothing destructive. Assuming the worst, any way I can revive this drive by reflashing it again? When USB is plugged, the windows couldn’t recognize it as normal DVD writer, but ask to supply driver and the device name is ‘24’. Seems the bootcode or flash is corrupted.

Please advise. Thanks


since this might also be due to a bad enclosure, you might try the drive internally installed.
Internal installation is required anyway to have a chance to recover the drive in case there was a bad firmware flash attempt.