Reviews of Media on Newegg -- What Newegg Will Permit

A few days ago I submitted a review of the Samsung 4X DVD+R media (spindle of 25) to the website. I wanted to allow people to know that this package contains media made by BeAll and not TY. I also wanted to learn what sort of review gets past the Newegg censors – it was in part an experiment. So far this review has not been posted.

Does anyone know what the limits are on the information that can be posted in a review on

My review, which I must admit is completely barren of enthusiasm and praise for Newegg, is included below:

This media was ordered on 07-01-04. It is made by BeAll. The Media ID is BeAll000P40. Burning with a LDW-411S(FSOB) at 4X and reading with the same drive, the error rates, as indicated by KProbe2, are: PI (Max=179; Average=29.11; Total=486911) and PO (Max=119; Average=0.04; Total=4513). This is very acceptable performance. This media has a silver surface with white ink text (logo etc.) which leaves some room for labeling.

i dont see anything that would make them censor this posting… i think it just takes time…

i wish every reviewer would write this much info hehe

You’ve made a very good review, and I don’t think Newegg will censor it. Everybody who knows what Kprobe and PI/PO are will certainly appreciate you review. All others may be a little confused :slight_smile:

Newegg is well known for censorship of reviews. Any review that may have a negative impact on any the sales of any product is rarely posted. I’ve seen this topic discussed on several boards.