Reviews Lite-On 166S DVD-ROM drive

Just one question.

Does someone know a review of this drive on the internet?
I want to know if it reads all DVD-formats (and how quick).

On the Lite-On website they only mention:

  • Conform to Multi-Read & DVD-Multi Standard;
  • all DVD single/dual layer (PTP, OTP), DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW.

They say all DVD single/dual layer but I miss DVD+R and DVD-RAM!!

Anyone knows if this drive reads ALL DVD formats.

Please put some pic’s here of NeroInfoTool if they are available.

you could give. a try

Nope, they even don’t know Lite-On!

I think that they only have stand-alone DVD-players in their database and no PC DVD-players! But maybe I’m doing something wrong!

Anyone else?

Here is a NeroInfotool snapshot from my LTD-166S. It does indeed read everything incl. DVD-RAM.

It is a really top notch drive by the way. Blazing fast, quality DAE and pretty quiet too.


Did you also test all formats yourself (if you even have a disc of each format)?
Where there any problems or slow readings with certain formats?
Can it make a good image of protected data CD’s?
Can it read protected audio CD’s?

I want to know if I need a separate reader next to my upcoming LTD-166S and 52/24/52 Lite-On writer if you’re wondering why I ask all these questions.

@Robotnik555: Does it handle FES and subchannel reading in CloneCD just as fast and reliable as the 163 and 165 does?


Sorry I have not done rigourous testing with CloneCD and protected discs with it yet. I have heard from others who have it though, that it is just as good as the 163 and 165 at doing those things.

I have not personally tested the drive with all formats, because I don’t have all those formats. It does read DVD+RW and DVD+R discs burned in my MP5125A drive just fine (not to mention DVD-ROM, CD-R and CD-RW, but reading those formats is a given). That is about all I can say at this time.

Anyone else?

Some of the moderators maybe?

I’ve not seen any review of the 166S anywhere, but I assume it’s quite the same as the 165H, which is an excellent drive and reads everything :slight_smile:


Can you advise whether this drive caches audio data. This is important if you use EAC (Exact Audio Copy)…

I had the 165 and it cached audio data making extraction via EAC quite slow…


Anyone can tell me which read offset should I use on EAC with this drive (LTD-166S)?