Reviewer Fired for Negative Silver Surfer Review

A projectionist who has been writing early reviews for films has been fired from his job according to Yahoo News for having the nerve to write a negative review about the Fantastic Four Sequel. The $7 an hour projectionist was writing early reviews for all kinds of films and posting them on the internet. He wrote an early review for Fantastic Four : Silver Surfer for Aint It Cool and it cost him his job.


:cool: :cool:


See what you get for having a difference of opinion to the major movie studios. Bam!

I for one will be boycotting the film, mostly because I rated the first well below “time better spent sleeping on the couch” & just a smidgeon above “a waste of my life” and everyone knows the sequels are worse than the first :stuck_out_tongue:

wow…i’m sure this wont give his bad review any attenion lol